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10 Powerful Reasons to Rent Rather than Buy

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

There's no escaping the fact that we live in a consumerist society. Whether you love it or hate it, very little can be done about the powerful grip of free-market capitalism (save from moving to/starting your own commune, which is hardly practical for a large part of the population). 

We do, however, have the chance to change our world for the better with the very simple power that is choice. At the end of the day, markets respond to consumer demand -- and if we demand that we want a greener, safer planet for ourselves and for future generations, they'll have little choice but to respond accordingly.

A pressing issue that we face as a society is the detrimental impact of overconsumption and wastefulness on the environment. This problem is indeed a deep-rooted one, but it isn't impossible to overcome. Renting goods rather than buying them is an easy step we can all make towards a more positive future for all.

If you're still not sure renting rather than buying is for you, here are ten powerful reasons that will change your mind. 

1. Mind the Plastic

At the time plastic was invented, it was thought it would change the world... and it sure has. But the long-term effects of plastic waste have hardly been a positive change. For starters, plastic doesn't break down, which makes it a hazard to both aquatic and land life. There is an estimated 8 million metric tonnes of plastic that flow into the ocean every year. By reducing your consumption of plastic -- by renting things rather than buying them -- you'll seriously help stop the plastic wastage madness. 

2. Encourage Technological Change

Reducing your consumption might sound difficult, but it doesn't have to be. In fact, the tech industry has been quick to step in and respond to increasing awareness of overconsumption and the urge to make a positive change. The more demand there is for reusables, the faster the technological advances will follow!

3. Be Part of a Sustainable Future

Imagine a conversation, forty years down the line, with your grandkids (or any kids of that time, for that matter). Wouldn't it feel great to say you were part of a movement that helped secure their future? By renting rather than buying, you'll be doing exactly that: forging a more sustainable future for impending generations. 

4. Help Eliminate Unethical Corporate Practices

High consumer demand often ends in unfortunate, and sometimes even tragic, consequences. Safety standards in the manufacturing sector are flakey, to say the least, and consumers turning a blind eye to the fact that the things they buy come from dubious sources help keep the unethical industry alive. It's easy to help break the cycle of irresponsible corporate practices by reducing your consumption. 

5. Set the Standard for Responsible Consumerism

Have you ever heard of the 'mimicking effect'? Research reveals that humans go out of their way to fit in -- it's an evolutionary survival trait, apparently -- which means we tend to copy others in our society (often subconsciously). If you set the standard for responsible consumerism, you may well inspire others within your community to follow suit. It's infectious!

6. Feel Empowered By Your Choices

There's nothing wrong with doing the 'right' things for selfish reasons, and renting rather than buying products can certainly make you feel like a better person. Go with that feeling! It's nothing to be ashamed of. 

7. Make the Most of Precious Storage Space

A practical reason for buying less 'stuff' is the ability to make the most of your precious storage space. It's not rocket science that the more stuff you own, the less 'livable' space you end up having in your home. Clutter is also bad for our ability to focus and general mental wellbeing, so a more streamlined home will actually make you way happier. 

8. Reduce Nasty Pollution 

Waste = pollution. Pollution = bad effect on our health. Stop buying so much stuff and focus on reusing and recycling to help curtail the awful effects of overconsumption on our environment -- and our health! 

9. Take Advantage of High-Quality Products

Have you been lusting for a gorgeous coffee machine, or a hi-tech GoPro, or a powerful patio heater, but don't have the comfortable financial means to get one? Are you tempted to settle for a lower-quality version instead? Perhaps it's time to consider renting your wishlist, HQ product rather than buying the cheaper, less well-made version. lets you hire virtually any well-made product online in a totally hassle-free manner -- check it out!

10. Save Time and Money

Being an obsessive consumer is not only bad for the environment, but it also wastes a LOT of your time and hard-earned cash. Consider opting for a more minimalist approach to help you save both time and money by renting stuff instead of buying stuff. 

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