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12 Epic Blogs to Get You Psyched About a Zero Waste Lifestyle

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

A streamlined, clutter-free, minimalist home. No plastic in the kitchen. A year's worth of trash that can fit into a mason jar. Healthy, delicious food - enough to feed the family, mind - without throwing away any leftovers. Oh, and a reduced carbon footprint (aka helping the planet have some much-needed breathing space). In case you need reminding about why any of this matters: according to the Environmental Protection Agency, 40% of US greenhouse gas emissions come from either making, using or throwing away 'stuff'.

So, yeah. 

Going zero-waste is kind of a big deal.

While some haters may latch onto the fact that those embracing a 'zero' waste lifestyle very rarely produces virtually no waste at all, it's pretty damn impressive just how close we can get to minimizing our trash to almost nothing. And anyway, haters gonna hate, right?

But for some, the idea of radically changing our consumption habits is nothing short of terrifying. It's unchartered territory and taking that leap of faith - no matter how good the intentions - is daunting. And so, in response to calls to urgently change our lifestyles to help reduce our negative impact on the environment, many of us simply smile and nod only to go back to our old wasteful ways. 

Thankfully, these 12 amazing bloggers are guaranteed to give you the reality-check kick in the backside you need, all while keeping you seriously inspired by gorgeous photography, incredibly practical day-to-day waste reducing tips and much more.
  1. Zero Waste Path

    Bianca, a 23-year-old Italian based in Edinburgh, has a real knack for the minimalist, zero-waste aesthetic. Inspired by Zero Waste 'founders' Lauren Singer and Bea Johnson, Zero Waste Path is bursting with gorgeous imagery, practical DIY tips, delicious vegan recipes and more. 

  2. Hajar Moujib

    An American Moroccan living in Scotland, Hajar is passionate about all things eco-friendly - from growing her own food to reducing her waste, she's all about embracing a 'simpler, happier, and healthier lifestyle'. Oh, and don't forget to check out her gorgeous 'Travel and Outdoors' section for some serious travel inspo.

  3. La Pepa Boutique

    Bristol-based Egle is passionate about embracing an Earth-friendly lifestyle while keeping a strong focus on spending precious moments with her family. Her beautiful blog covers everything from eco-style and beauty to low-carbon footprint activities to indulge in with the little ones. A must-read for any eco-conscious parent!

  4. Eco-Boost

    London-based Kate Arnell's blog is not only great for eco-friendly style inspiration but is also hilariously well-written and full of fantastic zero waste ideas - from gifts to.... toilet paper (yep)! A must-read. 

  5. Green Indy Blog

    If you're truly serious about embracing a zero-waste lifestyle (which you totally should be), check out Polly's intensive Zero Waste 101 Course! "Zero Waste 101 is a 5-week email course to help you set zero waste intentions and look critically at the five areas people typically identify as 'trouble spots' in their zero waste efforts." How nifty is that?! 

  6. Mama Eco Blog

    Mama Eco's mission statement is so compelling, it's impossible to disagree: "Mama Eco is about living in harmony with nature as much as possible in this modern world, but also what this means physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually—for both mamas and their families." You can also shop their lovely selection of natural oils and beauty products online.
  7. Zero Waste Chef

    No packaging, nothing processed, no waste - that's Anne Marie's motto, and it sure delivers. Our favourite articles include Go Plastic-Free in 2018 and 9 Simple Ways to Reduce Holiday Consumption

  8. Snapshots of Simplicity

    If you were to follow only one zero-waste Instagram account, make it Snapshots of Simplicity. Christine's minimalist aesthetic is absolutely stunning. You're going to get totally hooked.

  9. Zero Habits

    "Zero Waste is not about perfectionism," Zero Habits write, "but instead is about making choices that support healthier habits over time and being part of the solution." We couldn't agree more! Oh, and did we mention their gorgeous store has the perfect zero-waste gift kits?

  10. Moral Fibres

    From green fashion trends to ethical shopping guides to practical day-to-day tips for reducing waste, Wendy's blog is your go-to, fully comprehensive guide to green living. 

  11. Wasteland Rebel

    hia is the queen of practical zero-waste lifehacks. Having quit the corporate world in a bid to pursue a more ethical, responsible and sustainable life, Shia knows how hard it can be to live a 'utopian' zero-waste life. That's why her blog is focused on attainable, super-easy steps to help you embrace a green lifestyle. 

  12. Less Waste Less Worries

    Based in Southwestern Germany, Laura documents her journey towards zero-waste, hoping to inspire others to do the same. Her Instagram is bursting with colourful ideas, so make sure to check it out as well as the blog!

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