Event professionals are overworked, stressed and exhausted at the best of times. So what's one thing that can help take the edge off? Knowing you're not alone, and getting insider advice.

From inspiring venues, to technological innovation to marketing tips, these will blogs help streamline every event planner's job. 

1. EventProfs UK

A blog targeted at event professionals in the UK, it covers a range of topics, from the best tech to rent for your event, event trends and more. The only problem is they seem to have stopped updating their website. Still, the older content remains relevant, and is definitely worth a look.

2. Event Manager Blog

Probably the best event management blog of its kind, the Event Manager blog hosts a wealth of resources for event planners: from webinars to videos and reviews. Started in April 2007 by Julius Solaris, international speaker, author and former social media consultant for global brands, EventMB has become the go-to online resource for Trends, Technology, Innovation and Education for the event industry. Thousands of event professionals from around the globe read EventMB daily. They also serve as a reference point for the event startup community, giving space to initiatives to advocate and support innovation in the event industry.

In short: this is one website you should definitely be bookmarking ASAP!

3. The Mice Blog

Don't be misled by the cryptic name (it actually stands for meetings, incentives, conferencing, exhibitions) -- if you're an event professional, this blog is most certainly worth checking out! It is run by Irina Graf, a full-time, international blogger, who shares insight, knowledge and experience with the global corporate events community. Her mission statement goal is to inspire, educate and network. She also offers event-related marketing services, should you wish to outsource your marketing efforts.  

4. Techsytalk

Techsy Talk is an online platform that exists to bridge the gap between event technology and the event planner. The platform is powered by Liz King Events – an event firm that delivers live and virtual experiences to our clients with a bias towards event technology. It's especially great for industry interviews, namely with event startup founders. 

5. Gallus Events Blog

Based in Barcelona, Gallus Events is a company dedicated to consulting, social media and marketing, among other event related activities. In their blog, you’ll find well written and interesting articles that cover some of the lesser talked about subjects, such as hosting a vegetarian event, gender balance at conferences, the point of award dinners, and sustainable event management.

6. Bonjour Events

Focusing mostly on weddings, Bonjour Events is bursting with event tips and ideas. It's easy to navigate and aesthetically pleasing, so if weddings are your speciality, you should definitely take a look! They also feature a long list of vendors and suppliers, which is useful should you ever find yourself planning an event in the US. 

7. Rock My Wedding

Another wedding blog, except this one's based in the UK. Rock My Wedding provides a huge list of relevant, UK-based wedding suppliers, listing everything from where to source the best cakes, find reputable florists, hire vintage decor, and more.

8. The Event Professionals 

An independent event and travel news organisation who focus on providing the best up to date event news from around the world. From event technology, to the newest and most original events, careers news, company updates and general event information from around the world -- they cover it all.

9. Event Magazine

The self-described leading brand of the UK’s event industry, Event Magazine is the place to follow the best bloggers in the business. There’s lots of advice on event marketing and branding. On top of the recommendations, the blog features in-depth reviews and live event coverage. 

10. Eventbrite

Eventbrite is well-known, established platform that allows you to manage your event digitally. Their newsletter is well worth subscribing to, as they produce a wealth of relevant industry content Along with their services, they host a blog that’s filled with useful information for any event planner. There’s a little bit of everything from “how to hire event staff” to “how to manage your budget”.

11. Thoughtfully Simple

Probably the most aesthetically pleasing blog on the list, Thoughtfully Simple was created by Tori Tait, and focuses on a DIY approach to event planning, which includes some fantastically simply but unique party ideas. It's especially great for cocktail making inspiration!

12. The Meeting Pool

A US-based blog that covers a wealth of tech and events related news across the world. Their blog covers interesting topics at great length -- such as how event technology is helping promote sustainability, and how to make your events more productive with one-to-one scheduling. 

13. Event Industry News

If staying up-to-date on events related news is what you're after, check out this nifty blog. It covers a host of event news for larger events in the UK such as festivals, concerts, and sporting events. 

14. The Bizzabo Blog

Bizzabo is the world’s fastest growing event technology company. Their Events Cloud empowers event marketers to manage, measure and grow professional events across the globe -- they are pioneers of event technology and champions of their customer's success. Their blog offers a wealth of resources on the industry, and is especially helpful to event marketers. 

15. Conferences That Work

This one's focused on - surprise surprise - planning and managing conferences. It was founded by Adrian Segar, who provides insightful, valuable advice for event planners that find themselves in the conferences space. 

16. Event Magazine

Although more prominent as a print magazine than a blog, Event Magazine does have a worthy blog section that covers UK event news and more. 

17. Oh Happy Day

I bet you won't be able to find a more colourful and cheerful event planning blog than this one! Oh Happy Day is a super fun party shop based in the US, but they've also got a fun-tastic blog section that offers a wealth of fun DIY-decor ideas.