4 Best-Kept Secrets of a Dazzlingly Clean Home

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4 Best-Kept Secrets of a Dazzlingly Clean Home
Who doesn’t love a clean house? There’s something about a sparkling clean environment that just makes you feel better about life. In fact, researchers have found that a clean home can help improve your thinking, make you feel more relaxed and even help you sleep better at night.

And yet, people with flawlessly clean homes are a kind of enigma. How do they do it? Is it a superpower, a natural talent, or are they just OCD-freaks that spend 80% of their waking day cleaning? It’s (usually) none of the above. Homeowners with Instagram-worthy, always impeccably clean houses tend to follow a few simple rules. We’ve busted their secrets, so you, too, can enjoy a beautifully clean environment. You parents will certainly be proud! 

1. Less stuff = less cleaning. First thing’s first – the fewer things you own, the less cleaning you’ll need to do. When is the last time you had a proper spring clean and let go of the steadily accumulating clutter? You’ll be surprised to find that you don’t actually need that much stuff. In fact, once you’ve finally decluttered, you can rent stuff you don’t use on a daily basis through Rentuu, from coffee machines to toasters and more. Save space and save time cleaning.

2. Make the most of storage space. Keep your summer clothes tucked safely away under the bed in vacuum-packed, dust-proof storage bags. Every time you make a new purchase, make sure you put it away where it belongs. And make keep a designated place for every type of item, eg. the loo roll goes into the storage cupboard, the shoes go into the shoe rack, etc. It’s so much easier to clean and tidy when your household items are stowed away where they belong!

3. Get those surfaces shining. Even if you don’t clean every little nook and cranny (God knows what’s under that sofa), one aspect of your power clean to pay attention to are the surfaces. From kitchen tops to flooring, having a clean surface makes a world of difference. Make sure to attend to the carpeting, corners of the rooms, little crevices in the kitchen where food particles collect – all these little nasties are best tackled with a powerful hoover.

As you know, good hoovers can be expensive and bulky, so if you’ve made the very wise decision not to shell out your cash on actually owning one, or, perhaps, you’re staying in a short-term let and need one temporarily, you should hit up Rentuu. It’s extremely easy to rent a hoover through with just a few clicks. Rentuu’s service delivers the hoover of choice to your doorstep within 24 hours, and collects it when you’re done with it, too.

Rentuu also offers professional carpet steam cleaners for hire – the ultimate best way to get that grime out of your precious rugs. If you’re in London, and need to urgently hire a hoover, there’s no need to call up your friends and make awkward pickup arrangements. All you do is head on over to Rentuu, and do it online in less than 2 minutes. Simples!

4. A little goes a long way. Who has time for a full-on clean twice a week? Our ultra-busy lifestyles mean that chores are often left to the last minute, leaving our lovely homes suffer as a result. Thus, it’s wise to do a little bit of cleaning and tidying every day, as opposed to tackling a humongous pile of dishes and grime once a week.

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