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5 Essential Travel Hacks for a Memorable Stay in London

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

Travelling should be a carefree, hassle-free endeavour -- but we've all had travel nightmare scenarios, where virtually everything goes wrong. Why tarnish what should be a fun, adventurous experience with unnecessary faff? Here's a list of essential travel hacks that will help you make the most of your time in London. 

1. Keep track of your phone and keys at ALL times.

Few things induce a sense of simultaneous panic and dread all rolled into one big fat anxiety attack than realising that you've lost your precious possession. Enter Tile Mate, a super handy Bluetooth powered tool that helps you locate everything from your phone to your backpack. Tile remembers the last time you saw your lost item, lets you ring the item (in case it's nearby) and if all else fails, you can even enlist for help within the Tile community. Seriously -- don't go travelling without it.  

2. Leave the bulk behind and just rent it. 

Packing light can be a right challenge, particularly if you're staying at your destination for more than just a couple of days or if you're travelling with family. But did you ever consider that lugging all that paraphernalia makes little sense when you can rent virtually anything online? Consider renting large items like baby car seats, strollers, cot beds, air mattresses and more through the super handy online platform,

3. Scanning is key.

Travelling requires one to play for even the worst case scenario, and losing your documents is one of them. If worst does come to worst, you'll be thankful for having scanned copies of your passport, travel itinerary, travel insurance and other relevant information. It's also a good idea to email all documents to yourself -- just in case you're especially unlucky and lose your electronic devices along with the docs. 

4. Skip the queues and buy your tickets online.

Even the most enlightening cultural experience can be tarnished by hour-long plus queues (ahem -- the Louvre, anyone?). If you want to skip the tedious part that is waiting to buy your ticket, consider buying your tickets online. This practically always guarantees significantly less queuing time. 

5. Stay in the loop for the hottest events. 

London has no shortage of things to do, but the sheer amount of 'stuff' going on can be overwhelming, especially to a first-time visitor. The good news is that it is now super easy to stay in the loop with Time Out's guide to the most happening events -- which includes everything from one-off movie listings in unusual locations to carnival-themed parties and more. 

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