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5 Mind-Blowing Reasons Why Every Co-Working Space NEEDS to Stop Buying Furniture

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

The modern world loves coworking spaces. It loves them so much, in fact, that Small Business Labs, an organisation that monitors coworking spaces around the world, suggests that the number of people renting such spaces will grow globally to nearly 4 million in 2020.
The demand for more coworking spaces is being met. But setting one up isn't as easy as it may seem.

One aspect of setting up these spaces that no one talks about is the pointlessness of furnishing them with brand spanking new furniture. Here's a round-up of why you shouldn't be going down the route of mass-buying new tables, chairs, and lamps. 

1. Save big bucks and invest the money elsewhere. 

Let's face it: furniture is most definitely not cheap. Even if you're mindful of your budget with a determination to buy everything from IKEA, remember that you'll need a lot of furnishings to fill up a coworking space -- which will cost you big $$$. Our advice? Don't do it. "Minimalism is all well and good, but I can't have an empty coworking space!", you cry. Sure you can't. See point number 4 below. 

2. Make a positive impact on the environment.

Furniture may have dropped in price in recent years thanks to cheap imports, but the environment is paying the price. Wood is only a renewable source if more trees are planted (which they aren't). Reclaimed and pre-owned wooden furnishings are the way forward if you want to reduce your negative impact on the environment. 

3. Embrace flexibility.

Hefty investments into permanent products like furniture are incompatible with our transient, nomadic tendencies as a society. Making a furniture investment is like tying yourself down to an ultimately permanent commitment. Embrace the freedom of not being tied down by renting your furniture rather than buying it

4. Rent furniture or buy second-hand alternatives. 

It's all well and good to convince you that buying new furniture is not a good idea, but we totally hear you when you say that a coworking space without chairs and tables is probably not going to do very well. That's where second-hand furniture and furniture rentals come in. Thanks to a range of handy online platforms, you can now find real second-hand furniture bargains at a fraction of the price. Similarly, renting your office gear is now easier than ever before thanks to Rentuu -- it is delivered straight to your coworking space and collected from you when you no longer need it. 

5. Brand new doesn't always = quality.

Don't let your instinct for impulsive purchasing fool you! Look out for high-quality materials vs. a brand new and superficially shiny facade. A pre-owned, well-crafted table is more sustainable, cost-efficient AND less crass than its synthetic counterpart. 

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