5 Reasons You Need to Hire a GoPro Through Rentuu ASAP

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Love action sports? Travelling? Camping? Chilling on the sofa with your dog? The list of GoPro-friendly hobbies is loooong, and, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably come across these lightweight and super wide-angle cameras somewhere. But have you actually used one?

The world has gone a bit GoPro crazy, and for good reason. Used primarily to give the viewer a ‘point of view’ angle, these small but mighty video cameras can be mount on just about anything. From surfboards to bicycle handlebars, GoPro’s come in all sorts of robust ‘housings’ (aka cases), to withstand the heaps of crazy fun you’re probably having.

But you needn’t be an adrenaline junkie to find good use for a GoPro. Here’s 5 reasons you should hire one through Rentuu ASAP:

1. It’s dummy-proof easy. The simplicity of the GoPro adds tonnes of weight to its benefit. You needn’t be an SLR pro to use a GoPro - it’s interface is far more straightforward, and the innovative touchscreen on the latest Hero model makes using it even easier. All that’s required is for you to press a button and point to the general direction of whatever it is you want to film.

2. Your social media will flourish. Raise your hands if you’re partial to a bit of social media holiday photo spam. Yeah, we see you. Now, imagine how much more enviable and professional your Instagram will look with the help of GoPro shot live-action vids. And, if you own a business, you can really boost your brand with well-crafted and action packed videos - i.e GoPro vlog your way to success.

3. It’s actually fun. Unless you’ve a film crew following you around and documenting your life, you’ve probably never seen what you look like when cycling, running, or, well, anything, really. Using a GoPro opens up a host of exciting angles on your life. Even if you’re not that into sports, a GoPro can be a really fun way to record your day to day activities, and even make them into a compilation video to share amongst your friends.

4. You’ll create memories like never before. If you find yourself stuck in your office, longing for a holiday, or if you’re simply feeling nostalgic for the time that you felt unhindered and free, looking back at your GoPro recorded memories will help soothe your woes. Not only do videos serve as an incredibly powerful medium for re-living the boldest and brightest of memories; they help preserve them for future generations, too.

5. It’s waterproof, sturdy and small. Unlike your sensitive iPhone, the GoPro was built specifically to withstand all sorts of hardships, which means you can take it on all sorts of adventures, and don’t have to worry about it breaking down at an inopportune moments.

And, while we’re the GoPro’s biggest and loudest cheerleaders, we’d still urge you to hire a GoPro (instead of actually buying one). For starters, it’s a hefty investment, and one that may not have the returns you’d expect. If, for example, you’ve set out to go on a camping holiday, and want to document your scenic hikes and cycles, it definitely makes more sense to hire a GoPro for the period of your travels vs. buying it and only using it that one time. Second, gadgets have the tendency to lose their appeal quite quickly, and the GoPro, fabulous as it is, is no exception. Smart consumers know all too well that to make an investment worth it, you’d have to truly make the most of the purchased item. So before you dive into the awesome world of the GoPro - give it a test run, and hire it through Rentuu instead.

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