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5 Simple Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make When Planning an Event

Posted by Andrea Guzzoni on

Below is one of Event Professional resources. Here you can find many others, covering topics such as last-minute hires, event preparation, how to market online, etc. Each of which built from insights from the eclectic pool of industry professionals we’ve worked with since our inception.

Planning an event is difficult, and not just in one way either; there are multiple challenging aspects. Like for one, you have to worry about the logistics, ensuring everything happens according to plan. And even if you get that perfect, there’s every chance people simply may not turn up. This is why it is so difficult to become a major player within the industry, you have to be a strong, multifaceted professional who understandings the inner workings of more than one industry.

Such is why we have our resources, to help those organising events rock the show to the best of their abilities! And today we’ll be running through the basic checklist of planning an event, the first hurdle of yours.

#1: Make Sure You Have Multiple Supplier Options

It’s easy to lose a fair amount of time trying to find one suitable vendor, so most aren't exactly - and this is totally fair - up for finding several potential providers to ensure a degree of standard. When you’ve finally found the one that works, you simply want to get on with the 1001 other things you have to do.

This, however, is a mistake. In events you always, always must have a back-up. If you don’t, it is at your own demise!

  • Gives you something to fall back on
  • Ensures you get the best price

  • #2: Confirm a Specific Delivery Window

    Whilst a simple task, confirming delivery times is something that is very easy to forget about. This is not something you want to do; your event depends on deliveries, so make sure they’re in-line and organised!

  • Simple risk-reduction

  • #3: Ensure Your Supplier Sends Pictures of Gear

    No matter how eloquent you are sometimes suppliers, whether this is on the phone or over email, misunderstand what you mean. As such, it is better to get photographic proof that you and the supplier are on the same wavelength. We like to see this point as minimising risk, because why wouldn’t you ensure everything is correct?

  • Confirms you and supplier are on same wavelength
  • Leaves nothing to chance

  • #4: Put a Deposit Down Early

    Whilst a vendor may have 3500 chairs in the specification you’d like, another order for 3000 could come in at any second and then boom! you’re out of luck. Put a deposit down as soon as availability is confirmed, is our advice!

  • Secure your order as soon as possible

  • #5: Use Social Media To Your Advantage

    It’s easy to ignore social media in the run-up. You’re so preoccupied with making sure the event simply happens, why would you put considerable effort in something that could seem… unnecessary?

    Bad. Idea. It is vital to build an online following when it comes to your event - this gives the event a larger pull than its immediate proximity. You can throw a bash for 100 people in London and 15 people in New York will know about it. Upload a video after, and you’ve potentially impressed a new client.

  • Controls public opinion
  • Leaves an impact that lasts past the evening itself

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