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7 Fail-Proof Ways to Enjoy Festivals Without Going Broke

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

Live music events attracted more than 27 million people last year, and that’s hardly surprising because, well, who doesn’t like festivals? Whether you’re a Glastonbury devotee or a Secret Garden Party groupie, chances are you’ve been to at least one festival that you absolutely loved.

And what’s not to like? On the one hand, you’ve got the endless choice of fabulous live music. On the other, you have the never-ending supply of lager and cider. If you’re lucky with the weather, you also get unlimited time in the sunshine, followed by picnic-under-the-stars kind of vibes post-sunset. And, thanks to all the booze in your system, you find a renewed sense of confidence to chat to fellow drunken strangers and make loads of new friends (and, if you’re single, maybe flirt a little, too).

But once the festival euphoria wears off and you’re back to your not-so-glam-or-rock-‘n’-roll everyday life that is London, you look at your bank statement and gasp. While it may have felt totally reasonable to spend £60 a day on cans (cans!) of Red Stripe at the time, you’re now finding yourself quietly weeping and cursing the excesses of what was supposed to be a low-key weekend. Don’t worry, though - we’ve put together 7 key tips to help you avoid major post-festival financial breakdowns, so that the next time you set out to a festival you don’t end up in debt.

1. No, you do not need a ‘festival outfit’
Seriously. Chances are, it’s going to be muddy, rainy, and sweaty. Why fork out cash on a Kate Moss-esque (or, if you’re a guy, a Russel Brand-esque) outfit when it’s probably going to get ruined anyway? Dig around your wardrobe and we’re sure you’ll find something suitable in no time. Really. 

2. Book your travel in advance
Be wise and get early-bird train tickets way in advance. If you have a car, check those parking fees – they can get sky-high. It may make more sense to take the train or a coach, or leave your car at your B&B or hotel.

3. Don’t use the ATM’s at the premises
I distinctly remember being charged £6.50 to use an ATM at Field Day. Essentially, I was charged £6.50 to use my own money, all because I didn’t prep in advance. We make these mistakes so you don’t have to, so wisen up and make sure you arrive at the festival cash-prepped.

4. There is absolutely no point in buying a tent 
We’re willing to bet you don’t have endless storage space at your place in London, so why clutter your house further with something you will, at best, use once or twice a year? Sure, some festivals pretty much require you to bring your own tent, in which case we suggest you simply hire a tent for a short period of time. There’s zero hassle in this arrangement: with just a few clicks, your tent is delivered straight to your doorstep and collected from you once you’re done.

Yep, a first-rate, comfy, English rain-proof and 100% reliable 4-man-tent can be rented from as little as £5.00 a day. If you’re sharing with mates, that’s literally less than £2 a day each. Considering that these babies retail between £150 - £350, that’s a whole lot of money that you could be saving. What’s the best place to rent one? That would be Rentuu – an online rental service that’s easy, quick, and super reliable. Oh, and most importantly? It’s actually cheap. So, get off your Amazon horse and head on to Rentuu to hire a tent and save loads of money.

5. Comfort doesn’t have to be pricey
OK, so you’re just not the type that likes ‘roughing it’. We feel you. You might be eyeing up those ‘glamping’ options because the thought of sleeping on a hard, muddy surface is really not your style. Before you shell out the cash, why not consider renting an air mattress? You don’t need to buy one – you simply hire one for the days needed. Air mattresses can really big-up your tenting experience - they’re super easy to transport and assemble, and you’ll get a full 8-hour comfortable sleep in return. Seriously, these air beds are so good they almost look and feel like the real thing – and best of all, you can book yours through Rentuu today

6. Set a daily budget
Don’t go into festival mode with a “whatever happens, happens” attitude. That’s a recipe for disaster. Set a budget and keep track of it – use handy money management apps, or go old-school and scribble in your notebook.

7.BYOF (bring your own food)
While festival food vendors may look, or sometimes even actually be amazing, they’re also mega overpriced. Plan ahead and save a fortune by bringing your own snacks and food. We’re not telling you to pre-cook three days’ worth of meals here; just make sure you’ve got enough snacks (dry fruit, muesli, nuts, canned tuna, whatever) to keep you going throughout the buzz. Oh, and don’t forget big bottles of water - God knows your hangover will need them.


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