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Adapt Your Rental Company To The Digital Era Without Sacrificing A Single Thing

Posted by Andrea Guzzoni on

Take a few seconds to consider how we lived 10 years ago... Crazy, isn't it? Other than our morning coffees and meal times, it doesn’t feel a stretch to say every single element of our lives has changed. Whilst we think the change is mostly good, it can obviously make those attached to times of the past, professionally and personally, feel overwhelmed. That’s totally understandable, too. 

And look, we’re not going to go on and on saying how we as a company can make hashtags and selfies easier to understand. If we could, we’d be in a totally different industry. But what we will do, is let you know how we can help you adapt professionally to an era of demands - one where consumers want transactions done with clicks rather than calls and deliveries done within minutes rather than hours. 

This madness, it doesn't have to be bad

The industry has changed, and we’re aware we could be considered a pivotal cog in that change. Luckily, though, whilst we are instrumenting change, we’re doing so in a manner that benefits suppliers. With us, the madness doesn’t have to be bad. It doesn’t have to be something that is feared. It can be even be something that is instrumental to your growth.  

how we can help

Put you back in control

What we just touched upon, that era of demands. That’s the killer, isn’t it? A lot of contemporary consumers don’t have a full understanding of the logistics of renting out equipment and their demands reflect that. But, at the end of the day, why would they know? With us, you’re put back in control. We take over the demands, field and assure them. Meaning all you get is the business, not the fuss.

We've got our finger on the pulse

We’re talking to consumers and suppliers all over the country each and every day. Through our technologies we’ve developed quite the industry brain, meaning we have knowledge of what people in certain areas want, when they want it, and how long they want it for. You can use this information of yours to influence your spending on new stock. Why not use modern technologies to your benefit, is our thinking.

Reap the benefits of the digital era

We’ve developed our own software to help with your everyday operations. With our software - we call it Rentuu Solutions - you can manage your inventory and orders, leaving more time for getting proper work done. A no brainer, no?

You're the leader in the deal

Without meaning to showboat, we can guarantee we will significantly increase your inflow of business. Which might make you say ok, that sounds good, but I don’t want you hounding me. We won’t; that is not our thing. While we’re here to help and only offer great things, you can always say no to the orders we propose. That’s our terms and your right. As we said, we’re the friendly face of this quickly changing industry. 

No, there's no need to thank us

We’re not doing this for the kicks. We wanted to revolutionise the industry with unparalleled technology and that’s exactly what we’ve done. We did, however, find a way to do that whilst benefiting consumers, suppliers, and of course, ourselves. For the consumers, they can do as they wish: order within clicks and have their product as soon as possible. As expressed, you guys get more business and get to develop with technology. And as said, we get to technologically develop an industry. A win-win-win. Triple wins are pretty rare, aren’t they? 

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