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Appliance Breakdown? Don't Lose Business - Simply Rent a Replacement (In Seconds)

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

Every business inevitably reaches that dreaded 'uh-oh' moment. If you're particularly unlucky, it could be more than just 'uh-oh' - but more of an 'ohmyGodohmyGodohmyGod', followed by a sequence of colourful profanities. 

An all too common source of this stress is appliance breakdown. Whether you're a cleaning business facing an epic fail from your normally trustworthy carpet cleaner, or a language school whose space suddenly finds itself without any heating in winter, the betrayal and unparalleled panic are very real and very scary. 

In your mind, the options you have are:

1. Send the faulty appliance to repair and shut down business until it's back to its functioning self 


2. Buy a brand spanking new replacement, sacrificing precious cash to keep clients happy and the business running without pause. 

But what if you hired a replacement while figuring out a longer-term strategy? 

Renting out a replacement appliance buys you time to shop around for the best deal should you wish to purchase a replacement/send your broken one to repair. 

And with, the process couldn't be easier - or quicker

In fact, Rentuu has come across so cases of last-minute utensil breakdown,
we've put together an 'Emergency Package' for businesses in need of some SOS rentals. 

Here's an example:

A couple of weeks ago, an unnamed client requested to hire six patio heaters for an event. Their own heaters were malfunctioning, and the venue didn't have appropriate heating for the outdoors. Due to the nature of their business (event planning), time was most certainly not on their side. 

We delivered the heaters to them within 24 hours of their request. 

At Rentuu, we understand the importance of reliability and business' concern with time sensitivity. That's why our Emergency Packages are ideal for a business facing unexpected challenges. 

There's no need to panic or put your business' or client's needs aside while you tend to the problem at hand.

Simply hire whatever it is you need through Happy business, happy client!

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