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Avoid a Dry Hire Nightmare: 5 Questions to Ask Your Venue Provider

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

So you've been tasked with finding a venue for an event. Whether it's a wedding or conference, a small-scale office party or an exhibition fit for hundreds, there's no denying that the space you'll choose for hosting an event plays an integral role in creating the kind of ambiance that will (hopefully) stay in your attendee's memories.

And while there's certainly no shortage of spaces that can provide for everything you need, sometimes you simply need to have full control and ultimate flexibility.

That's where dry hire venues come in. The term 'dry hire' means that you pay for the use of the venue space only, generally with food and beverage, furniture, staffing, audio-visual equipment and decorations being organised externally rather than by the venue itself. 

It's essentially hiring the bare bones, blank canvas space, without anything in it. 

Do keep in mind when searching for a venue that problems can arise if you don't know that the venue has restrictions, leading to unexpected costs that have not been budgeted for. 

To avoid a last-minute dry hire disaster, we've put together three essential questions for you to ask your venue provider before going ahead with a booking.

1. Do you have a dry-hire FAQ equipment list? 

You'll save heaps of time if they do. If they don't however, make sure to triple-check what they do and don't offer. Don't assume that just because you saw curtains and bar stools at the venue that they'll be available to use for your event. 

2. What kind of access can I have to the venue for setting up?

Trust us when we say that everything takes much longer with dry hire venues, so always make sure that you can access the venue for as long as possible prior to the event. If access and timings are restricted, then please be realistic about how much you can achieve in the provided time frames. 

3. What facilities exactly are included in the venue?

It might sound crazy, but access to toilets is not always a solid guarantee. Don't forget to ask about access to balconies, terraces, and other outdoor, smoking friendly parts of the venue. 

4. Will any staff members be included? 

There's a possibility that your venue of choice requires you to work with in-house catering and waiting staff. If they don't, they might offer their services anyway. There is a clear advantage to hiring in-house staff, namely that they know their way around the venue and might be more efficient than staff outsourced staff. 

5. What about lighting, heating, and waste disposal?

Easy to overlook, but essential to any successful event. If, for whatever reason, your venue on choice does not provide the above, take a look at and browse hundreds of event equipment rentals -- we're confident you'll find something suitable. 

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