It’s an industry-wide accepted fact that when it comes to events some things just take time. Sourcing products, that’ll take a while. Maybe even up to 30% of your time. From just a handful of the many conversations we had with event professionals, we know that often you’ll spend hours trying to find something and do so to no avail. All those hours lost, with no result. 


'You’re my last effort. I’ve tried everywhere else.' Whilst we don’t particularly enjoy hearing this, we’d like to people’s first stop - it’s still rather exciting. Why? Because we know we can help them out of a tough situation, which we did with Katherine. She called us at 5PM needing patio heaters, we sorted delivery for 10AM the next day. 


Katherine - Jack Morton

Which when you think about it is obscene, no? That long, simply sourcing products, with no result. You know and I know, that time could be better used - so, a question: why subject yourselves to it? Because ‘there are no alternatives’, right? That’s simply the way it is.
Well, let me have a couple of minutes of your time to show you an alternative. One that you can use from the very second you’re convinced. Your choice, of course.

Rentuu, An alternative 

As said there are a plethora of time-consuming activities when it comes to planning an event. Each and every one Rentuu helps relieve - which makes sense, we designed the service working alongside event professionals. 


But first of all, some context. Rentuu’s mission is to make online equipment hire easy. We work with hundreds of suppliers all over the UK and Europe, each one vetted and quality-checked regularly. With us you can have quality, quickly, with a best-price guarantee. Now that’s done, onto saving you time.


Sourcing Items Doesn't Have To Take So long


In our initial meetings with those from the industry we quickly found out a common topic was unclear pricing and availability. Discovering this, we did our research and found out just how opaque the industry really was. Not only annoying, this problem means endless phone calls, which means many, many lost hours. That’s why our platform has real-time availability and instantaneous pricing. Why go to the untrustworthy fruit of Google when you have Rentuu?

looking for the right supplier


Finding a supplier is easy. Finding the right supplier is not. It’s a relationship of trust, reliability. When you’re forced in a corner and required to go outside of your usual network, there quite simply isn’t the time to make sure your new guys are of the right degree. Luckily, we have a pool of hundreds, each one vetted and regularly quality-checked. Find yourself in a tight corner? Don’t lose time doing unnecessary admin, simply find the exact item you need with our selection of item-specific suppliers.


Chasing delivery


Come the day of your event and you’re inevitably stressed. You have items arriving from different suppliers at different times, and each one will need chasing up as that’s the industry. With Rentuu you have a dedicated account manager to ensure your delivery comes within your designated 60-minute window*. That’s one of our guarantees.  


Paying invoices

And of course, all these different suppliers mean multiple payments. Admin that, as we’ve been told, takes time. That’s why with Rentuu you have one invoice. It’s the service that saves you time and makes your day just that little easier.