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Equipment Hire Tips

Posted by Andrea Guzzoni on

The internet and everything it entails has offered us a very valuable commodity: endless choice. It helps us do almost everything, from knowing how to cook something to working out whether that has lasted a little too long. But it can be exhausting, too. There simply is too much information there. 


This is no different when it comes to events. Sometimes you don’t want to explore your artistic output and simply want to be let know what works best in what situations. Us, a knowing source of this, can help with such a dilemma. And this is what this page is for: a refined source inspiration! Find below our top recommendations on equipment, props, and even the odd venue.  


Chair Hire 


Depending on your event, chairs can present the biggest question. If it’s an exhibition you’re throwing, then it’s mostly simple. However for weddings and bespoke events it’s a tricky one. Which is why we make our suggestions below. 


Festive Period 


December is categorically the most important in this industry. If you’re an event professional you’re more than likely throwing/attending an endless list of events. 


Event Must-Haves 


When your event just needs that little bit extra, these are the materials you’re going to want to be looking at. Here we list the choices people in the industry recommend for a killer event.


Corporate Hire 


It’s easy to think your corporate event is a no-brainer. Tables, chairs, all the necessities - and boom, it’s done. This is a mistake. 


People expect more from corporate events in a modern society. Then don’t expect to simply be seated, they expect to be entertained. And plus, it’s a real easy way for your brand to stand out. Below is our list of corporate hire suggestions.  

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