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Feeling Cramped? These 4 Space-Saving Storage Tricks Will Transform Your Pad

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

It's a well-researched fact that our surroundings affect the way we think and feel. Notably, the tidier and less-cluttered our environment, the more orderly, satisfied and clearer our mind. 

However, it is also common knowledge that storage space in London pads is almost as elusive as finding a free seat on the rush hour Northern line. Does this mean you have to contend with a permanently stressed-out state of mind? Not at all. 

Here's a couple of tried and tested tips and tricks to help you streamline your space and enhance your capacity to zen. 

1. Invest in double-duty furnishings.

Furniture that doubles up as both extra surface and storage space wins us over every time. Think double-duty coffee tables (ottomans are an all-time interior blogger favourite), storage beds and nesting and foldable tables can all do multi-purpose wonders to your space.  

2. Get creative with unused space.

If you're at liberty to do a little renovating in your home, there's plenty of ways to convert seemingly 'unusable' spaces into very useful storage spaces. Think under-stair and even under-floor conversions. If, however, you're in a rental or don't have the luxury of carrying out major works -- don't despair. You can still to put your unused space to use. Take, for example, your non-working fireplace - which works perfectly as a book storage unit. Or, why not hang your favourite jewellery pieces above your chest of drawers on the wall? Once you start noticing all the unused wall space you have, you'll feel guilty for not putting it to use sooner!

3. Shelving is everything.

Shelves can do serious wonders for adding that extra bit of storage, and they double up as a fun way to display all your favourite trinkets. If you're in a rental or, for whatever reason, can't add shelving to your abode, consider investing in a couple of bookshelves or shelving units

4. Put your consumption to a halt, and rent stuff instead.

The tips and tricks above can seriously transform your space, but if you're still overwhelmed by 'stuff' cluttering your home, perhaps it's time to take a look at your consumption habits and cut back. If you feel a wave of panic setting in at the thought of changing your lifestyle -- you're in for a shock! It's a myth that a more streamlined lifestyle requires painful sacrifices; all you really gotta do is make a tiny tweak to your habits. 

The first super-easy step you can take? Rent things instead of buying them. is your go-to for hiring everything from baby car seats, patio heaters to fitness equipment.
It's a beautiful release when you no longer need to wrack your brains, trying to figure out a place to store that ginormous Henry hoover or steamer, when you can rent it with a simple click on the days that you need it, and it'll be collected from you when you're done.

Having a gorgeously clutter-free home has seriously never been easier. 

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