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Finding Quality Suppliers Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

Tell us if you're the following scenario rings painfully familiar:

  • Spending hours searching for the right event equipment, in the right quantities, from reputable suppliers (often with no result)
  • Navigating outdated websites and waiting days (if not weeks) for a quote
  • Finally securing the products you were after, only for the supplier to let you down last-minute....cue event disaster.

As an event planner, you're like to have encountered one, or, if you're particularly unlucky, all of the above 'hiccups'. After all, these issues are far too common in the event industry. You know how frustrating they are. We know how frustrating they are. So, what on Earth can be done to address them?


Here's the thing: in today's age of endless disruptive technologies, there really is no excuse for inefficient processes. So, why do you subject yourself to the pain? Probably because you simply don't know any better - and that's okay! In fact, you're likely to have simply accepted that dealing with suppliers can be a real hit-or-miss. Sometimes you get results, and sometimes you waste hours of your precious time and get nada.

But we say enough is enough - it's time to change the status quo. That's exactly why our brilliant team have come up with a stellar solution to all your supplier relationship woes. 

Rentuu Business Hub streamlines your equipment hiring process, helping you save money and time. It was designed with all your pains and frustrations in mind, because we truly believe that you deserve so much better.

so... how does it work?

We thought you'd never ask! Here's a quick little overview of our spanking new business hub.

The process couldn't be simpler: you simply create an account, search for the products you need, and submit for a quotation. Next, suppliers compete for the business, and you either accept or reject their offer. Once the order is accepted, you can easily track its progress. But the perks don't end there: should you have any questions or concerns, you can always speak to your dedicated account manager, who are your single point of contact throughout. And, as always, all of our suppliers are fully vetted - if in doubt, you can always check their reviews for added peace of mind.

So, to summarise the many perks of using Rentuu Business Hub:

  • Smart search
  • Expert advisors

  • Live order tracking

  • Streamlined dashboard

  • Direct supplier communication


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