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Event Planners are Lauding for its Transparency, Efficiency

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

The UK event industry's estimated value is a whopping £43.2bn, with the average budget skimming just above the £65,943 mark. 

As Eventbrite writes, 

There are over 1.3 million business events held in the UK annually. Just under £40 billion was spent by those attending these events, and the segment generates more than £20.6 billion in gross value added (GVA) and £58.4 billion in gross domestic product (GDP). The direct spending associated with UK meeting organisers is £24.7 billion. Of this spend, £6.4 billion is funded by registration fees paid by delegates and attendees.

Yet these numbers don't cover small-scale events and conferences frequently organized by media and PR professionals, creative agencies, fashion businesses, technology startups, co-working spaces and more. Thus, the above figures are likely to be much, much higher.

It's safe to safe, then, that the event planning space in the UK is booming. It's booming so much, in fact, that London has been named the 1 EMEA city in terms of meetings and events activities.

But while the figures may be reassuring, event planners continue to face a barrage of problems. A lack of disruptive technological innovation in the industry is causing plenty of headaches for event planners, large and small. 

These include, but are not limited to:

  • Human Error: miscalculation, forgetfulness, maintaining several spreadsheets which leads to typos.

  • Poor Time Management: managing several team members at ones, coordinating with multiple points of contact, last-minute changes.

  • Unclear Budgeting: lack of transparency in pricing, 

  • No Streamlining: using multiple websites for simple tasks, clunky ordering

  • Lack of Efficiency: clunky ordering processes, unreliable technology. 

  • Poor Communication: lack of 24/7 customer support. addresses all the above pain points. 

For starters, waiting hours for a quote is now a thing of the past. not only gives clients real-time quotes but also serves as a single point of contact for thousands of products, saving event planners' hours of precious time. 

We also offer 24/7 phone contact support, respect your need for quick answers, reassurance, and clarity. 

As Mark from Special Occasion Hire notes on our Trustpilot review page, 

'I ordered two high-velocity air fans for an exhibition opening at the gallery I work for. I was able to extend the rental period on the fans quickly and simply and everything went smoothly. Great and efficient service!'.

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