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Hating On Your Stuffy Office this Summer? We Can Fix That

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

There’s loads of great things about summer. You finally get to enjoy the outdoors (*cough* - your local beer garden). There’s the delicious, seasonal fruit and veg - how amazing are British strawberries and heirloom tomatoes? And, of course, there’s the inimitable atmosphere of je ne sais quoi in the air - one that tempts you to spend your days sipping Aperol Spritz, contemplating quitting your job and starting an ice-cream van business.

But, reality inevitably strikes, and boy does it strikes hard -  we’re talking about the greenhouse effect plight most Londoners are forced to contend with. You know, when you sit at your desk, unable to focus on a single word on the screen and it takes you about an hour to type out a standard, ‘apologies for the delay’ type of email. The days you feel more cucumber growing in greenhouse than you do productive, high-achieving employee. And, let’s face it: Brits are notoriously terrible at coping with weather that is either above or below the standard 10 - 18C.

Even if you’re self-employed, you’re unlikely to evade said sweltering scenario - Victorian homes aren’t exactly renowned for their ability to keep cool in the face of scorching temperatures, and surprisingly few coworking spaces have decent air conditioning. In fact, finding respite from intense heat is a real problem in the capital.

Truthfully, it makes little sense for offices to invest in air cons when days of real heatwaves in London are so far and few. But when those heatwaves do hit  - it’s hell. Sometimes, the air conditioners that do exist in offices are outdated, blasting semi-cool/almost warm air that has no real effect on easing anyone’s sweat attacks.

There’s no need to grit your teeth and sweat it, though: thanks to Rentuu, you can now hire an air conditioner for as little or as long as you need it. Considering that an air conditioner isn’t something you’d pop down to the shops to casually purchase, use for a couple of days and stow away until the following summer, it’s extremely convenient to be able to hire one for the days that just feel too much.

It’s actually quite genius. Not only can you rent an air con by booking it through a super simple website, which takes less than two minutes of your time, the air conditioner is also delivered to your doorstep and collected once you’re done. You hardly need to lift a finger.

Plus, hiring an air conditioner can be particularly handy when you’ve an office party or a busy conference planned - unless you’d rather have your attendees roasting.

Currently, Rentuu operates within London - delivering a fantastic, efficient and very quick service - so if you’re a London dweller, and are in need of an chilled out afternoon, you know what to do: rent an air conditioner through Rentuu.

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