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Here’s Why Customisation in Travel is a Big Deal - and How Rentuu is Keeping Ahead of the Curve

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

Cookie-cutter, all-inclusive packages may be appealing to some travellers, but, overall, holidaying expectations and trends are rapidly changing, most notably among the millennials. The postmodern voyager’s most common demand? Customisation.

Imagine arriving at your hotel or Airbnb and having the room fully-kitted to your every preference, no matter how small. Can’t live a day without a quality Nespresso machine? Then don’t. Need those dumbbells at the ready so you can hit up bicep curls first thing in the morning? You’ve got it. Travelling with a toddler and need a reliable but compact stroller? Done.

You’re already paying good money to travel, so why not take it a step further and have all your desires met there and then?

The most successful and cutting-edge travel companies know that today’s travellers expect more than a one-size-fits-all approach: standardised services are no longer enough to attract and retain customers, and industry heavyweights are beginning to tap into the market., an online marketplace for hiring virtually any product online, caters exactly to these needs. With a focus on working with trusted, top-of-the-range companies and a sharp eye for premier products, Rentuu aims to make the process of customising the travel experience swift, seamless and completely hassle-free.

Inspired by the frustration that was finding premium products for hire when travelling and living abroad - the services that did exist were exhausting and convoluted - the team behind Rentuu were determined to launch a website that would help take the burden off the globetrotter’s life. Why would you spend hundreds of dollars on a futon or air mattress to use for a couple of weeks, when you can simply hire one for a fraction of the price?

Not only is this hire-anything-with-a-simple-click concept good for your wallet, it is also kind on the planet. Spiralling global populations and over-consumption put a massive burden on natural resources. One of the easiest ways to do reduce the destruction is to invest in (or hire) high quality, long-lasting products, as opposed to buying the cheaper, unsustainable versions.

One thing is certainly clear: tomorrow’s travellers will not only seek unique, personalised experiences and ultimate comfort, but will also be increasingly mindful of excessive spending and the environmental impact of consumption. It is absolutely up to hospitality and travel businesses to respond quickly, fill in the gaps in the market and efficiently accommodate these growing demands.

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