It’s a fact that the months following Christmas are statistically a lot quieter than others. It’s not just you who’s struggling to get business in, it’s everyone. Well, almost everyone. There are, however, some tried-and-tested methods that drastically increase business when it is scarce. We, of course, follow these methods. And we're aware that some suppliers out there do, too.

We asked those suppliers how they experience the quiet months, and their response was mostly “It isn’t quiet. We’re busier than ever then.” So, as always our goal is to help our network, so we thought we’d detail the methods adopted by many to secure business in quiet months. Hopefully, this will help you come the new year.

Target Holidays Outside Your Current Reach

Outreach never hurts anyone, especially so when you know that a specific audience has certain needs. In February, for example, there are two major holidays which are largely celebrated in London: Chinese New Year and Waitangi Day. With that knowledge, you can go about targeting them; be it on social media or phone calls or word of mouth. It helps if you can offer a unique package, titling it after the holiday - that way, you come across as experts for the holiday.

  • Targeting holidays introduces you to an entirely new audience, one that’s eager to spend money

  • Build relationships, ensuring annual return business

Chinese new Year Equipment hire

Available Past Business Hours - Even If Automated

People don’t like to leave messages. They like the idea that their needs are being attended to that second. And often, people are too busy at work in the day to get in touch. In fact, 22% of our orders are taken past business hours.

Considering, it’s important that you don’t let customers get hit with a standardised answering message when you’re not in the office. Either hire a company that has someone on phones all the time or find another way to field requests past the working day. It’s simply important for the client to feel their request is being dealt with ASAP.

  • The feeling that their request is being dealt with straight away means clients are significantly less likely to look elsewhere

  • More likely to get business if you’re available around-the-clock

Deals and Offers

Not too attractive of an idea, but perhaps the most effective. Offers and deals get more business in: that’s a fact. Even better, if you can tie certain offers with the holidays you are targeting, then that new audience much, much more likely to use you - which as said, is likely to turn into return business for the coming year.

  • Deals make you stand out from the crowd, increasing the chance of business

  • Craft deals unique to holidays encourage new audiences to use you

Don’t Accept That They’re Quiet

Although to ensure business it is obviously pivotal to follow these methods above, if you are accepting from the off that these months are generally quieter, you are fighting a losing battle. It’s important that you believe yourself that the generally quiet months can be some of the most financially rewarding. That mental shift will give you the motivation needed to make these months yours!

  • Having the right attitude is paramount to nailing the quiet months