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How to Learn to Play the Keyboard (Without Actually Buying One)

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

Around 550 BC, Confucius said that “music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.” The oldest known musical instrument is the flute, dating back to as far as 42,000 years ago. Of course, the fact that music really matters still rings very much true to this day: music has an extraordinary power to connect, inspire and move. Without it, our lives would really be quite boring.

But what are the benefits of learning to play an instrument versus simply enjoying a good tune on Spotify?

Learning a new skill is:

1. Empowering. It can be a huge ego-boost to learn that you can master something new - especially if it's something you had no idea you could even be good at. And how will you know, unless you've actually tried? 

2. A super helpful boredom and stress buster. Learning something new requires focus, which means your mind will be distracted from the daily stresses of life. It's also an incredible alternative to our ever-increasing addiction to all things screens and social media.

3. Good for your brain. Research shows that learning new skills reduces the risk of dementia. Plus, it can really help your memory as you grow older in age - keeping those neurons stimulated by learning new skills pays off!  

4. A great way to make new friends. Learning a new skill exposes you to a host of exciting opportunities, new communities and people. Whether you join a local club of similarly-skilled individuals or find that your newfound talent helps broaden your professional opportunities, learning a new skill is a fantastic way to meet new people. 

5. Essential if you want to continue growing as a person. At the end of the day, the one thing that keeps us interesting as people is our curiosity, our ability to see things in a new light as well as our eagerness to grow, adapt and change. None of these attributes are possible without learning new skills. 

Sure, you say. But why should I learn to play the keyboard, specifically? 

The piano, or keyboard, is a fantastic way to get into instruments, as it's a solid foundation for learning new ones. And because the piano requires great coordination, it's especially good for developing muscle memory and the motor coordination bit of your brain. It is also a skill you will cherish for the rest of your life - you can even pass it down to your kids and your grandkids!

And have we mentioned it's a fantastic way to entertain the guests yet? 

The only real niggle is that keyboards are very expensive. You might not even have space in your home to store one. That's exactly why hiring a keyboard is the way to go. delivers all sorts of household goods and more directly to your doorstep - kind of like an Amazon, but for hiring things instead of actually buying them. 

This includes - you've guessed it - keyboards for hire. 

"But hiring a keyboard sounds like such a faff," you protest. You're wrong.

The beauty of Rentuu is that it works directly with large and well-established businesses, which means that the keyboard you rent out for however long you need it will be in top-notch, mint condition. Unlike other platforms, you're not borrowing or hiring a used keyboard from someone else - you're pretty much getting it directly from the source.

So, when you rent a keyboard you will not only have it delivered directly to your home via secure courier, but you'll also be reassured that the product you are getting actually works. 

And better still, the whole process of hiring a keyboard it is really as easy as ABC. No need to pick up the phone, no need to fill out lengthy 'request' type of emails. You choose your delivery slot, fill out a couple of questions and - ta-da. You're on a journey to discovering new musical potential you never knew you had!

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