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How to Relieve Stress and Save Money with the Best Event Tech

Posted by Veronica Morozova on


Life as an event professional is strenuous. Sure, there are plenty of rewarding moments - who doesn't love the free champagne and party perks? - but let's be honest: managing events takes serious hard work.

If you feel like your exhaustion is unwarranted, then rest assured that it's official: last year, Career Cast listed 'Event Coordinator' as one of the Top 10 most stressful jobs ever. 

And is it really any surprise that this profession is fraught with incessant worrying? With the copious number of tasks that need to be completed, strict time frames, tight budgets and most importantly, the fact you are responsible for planning and creating something out of thin air (and for any potential mistakes or failures, even if they aren't your fault) - the burden lies entirely on the event manager. Events are imaginary until people have turned up - which means it's risky business. If the event is a flop, you (or your client) can lose money. Hell, if that isn't stressful, we don't know what is.

So, now that we have consensus that event planning is a very, very stressful undertaking, let's talk about what you can do to ease the burden. 


It might seem counterintuitive to turn to technology where virtually everywhere you look, you're told to 'switch off' and 'unplug' as often as you can. Yes, taking care of your mental health and pencilling in self-care time is vital to your wellbeing and professional success. But tech can significantly help reduce hurdles while saving you stress and time. The key is to use technology wisely, and not let it use you.


How do you differentiate between a piece of technology that will help you, from tech that may lead you to doing more work (and stressing out as a result)? It's pretty simple: if you do not have a need to use a piece of technology to solve a problem, do not use it. For example, online event registration via platforms like Eventbrite is a no brainer. Collecting payment via bank transfers and email registration is unproductive and an obvious potential stressor.

Turning to websites like Hirespace when searching for a venue is also a good shout. Sure, you may have a list of go-to venues you think are reliable and would prefer to use, but there's no harm in widening your horizons. Plus, if you are working with a new client or event type, you might find yourself stressed because you don't have previous experience in the arena and might be lost trying to find an appropriate venue. 

Aggravators are all apps and platforms that require you to learn new skills to maintain and be successful at them. This can be everything from influencer marketing tools to social media analytics platforms. 


Sometimes things go wrong. One of the most common complaints is event suppliers backing out, 'ghosting', or delivering the wrong supplies to an event. That's why it's vital that you always ensure you have a backup option for every avenue. With Rentuu Business Hub Premium, you can rest assured that your dedicated account manager will be pulling their weight to do everything humanly possible to deliver your supplies in a timely fashion. And because all the suppliers on our platform are vetted and rated, you can rest assured that it is in their interest to do their job as efficiently and effectively as possible. You'll also save yourself plenty of dough by having suppliers offer you bespoke quotes, giving you a wider variety of equipment at appealing prices. 


By opting to embrace (the right types of) technology, you won't necessarily eliminate all stresses associated with your job, but you can reduce them significantly. Bottom lime: don't fear innovation - it's on your side!

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