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How to Throw a Killer Event in January

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

Ahh, January. The fateful month that is all ambitious new year resolutions, extra kilograms, and promises of detox/sobriety. It hardly sounds like a favourable climate for a party...right? 

Sure, it may be ever so slightly challenging to get people hyped up about yet another event post-festive overindulgence, but here's the thing: January is also peak Winter Blues month, which you, as an event planner, should absolutely capitalize on. 

If you want to find out how to ignite that spark in your attendees and throw an exceptional event in the month of what feels like universal despair - read on.

1. Surprise with Creative Catering

Take advantage of the Christmas dining fatigue by offering your attendees fresh, healthy and creative nibbles. Forget heavy prawn salads and sausage rolls and opt for locally-sourced, vegetarian dishes. For an added quirky factor that will pique your guest's interest (and, subsequently, help build on their good impression of your event) consider hiring a street food style truck. For example, Feast-It offers a range of unique catering options, working with over 200 of London's leading street food vendors and restaurants. 

2. Keep the Costs Down

A well-known pitfall of the post-holiday season is the dismal state of virtually everyone's bank accounts. So, if you're set on hosting your event in January, make sure you're keeping the costs down - both for yourself or your client, as well as your attendees. By minimizing wastage, cutting down on staff and offering self-service instead, slashing travel costs and ensuring that you get the very best deals for whatever props and equipment you hire, you'll not only save costs but will also reduce the price of your event ticket. 

3. Find Your USP 

Don't be afraid to be bold and creative. The goal here is to give your attendees a reason to, well, actually attend your event. If you're hosting a team bonding event, for example, organising something fun and unexpected (like bowling) is more likely to generate interest than tired pub drinks. Group activities are always a win (if appropriate for the type of event, of course), but if a scavenger hunt or karaoke competition feels unfitting, you can always explore ways to make your event more interactive, like photo booths and AV/VR experiences.

4. Offer Warming Cocktails (and Mocktails)

Sure, there's dry January and all - but who actually keeps to that resolution?! If you have strong-willed non-drinkers at your party, mocktails will keep them happy. Again, creativity is key here, and you'll undoubtedly score points for providing warm, delicious drinks. Chai Punch, for example, provides a delicate dance of sweetness, sourness, spice, strength, and does a good job of keeping your attendees warm (and a little buzzy). For those who are abstinent, try a winter, no-wine sangria - featuring flavorful elderberry and pomegranate juices - a seasonal favorite with a twist. 

There you have it: 4 bulletproof ideas on throwing a killer event in January. Turns out it's totally possible after all!

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