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Inside Their Day: Anton, One Of Rentuu's Developers

Posted by Andrea Guzzoni on

Inside Their Day is a series we run in which a staff member of Rentuu details the inner workings of their day, expanding upon the challenges and positives, as well as letting us in on the little things they find themselves doing in the lost minutes. 

Last time we entered the inner-mechanisms of the well-oiled machine that is our Head of Operations, Anton. Which we hope was fun. This time, we’ll be diving into Anton, our trusty Developer who’s based in our Kiev office. 

 9:57АМ: Enter the office, turn on the laptop, read new messages, expand the local server 

10:05АМ: I am writing to our other developer (Artem), discussing the task list for today 

10:22АМ: make coffee and start writing code, a duo better than man and wife

11:27AM: One more coffee and write more code 

11:41AM: Coding, laying the foundations of the future of the equipment hire industry! 

12:30PM: Chatting with Maxim regarding some issues with one of the newest forms of product, Operations Hub 

12:44PM: Coding, Coding, Coding 

13:47PM: Each day me and the rest of my colleagues gather together for lunch, and it is now that time - I am very excited to eat! 

14:22PM: Tackling the issues me and Maxim, our head of product, explored earlier 

15:43PM: Discussion of architecture with Artem Bohosian 

16:23PM: Which results in some good ol’ fashioned… coding!

16:55РМ: Ride a unicorn! Joke, I'm still coding 

17:30PM: Have a quick chat with the supervisor of my diploma (I am a student in my last year in my master's degree) 

17:53PM: Create commit my part of the job and push it to Github, a software development tool 

17:55PM: Fixed the bug! 

18:12PM: Create new branch and start developing a new part of platform for our Business Hub 

19:02PM: Code tim… Wait I mean home time!  

And that's Anton's very code-heavy day coloured! Next we'll be diving into Kieron's, our Marketing Specialist in our London office.

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