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It’s Never too Early to Start Planning for Halloween: This Year, You Won’t Need Worry About Buying An Outfit. Here’s Why.

Posted by Veronica Morozova on


Still lamenting the end of summer? Don’t. Sure, we’ll all miss our care-free, Aperol-spritzed afternoons - but Autumn is equally, if not more, magical. It’s September, and woolly jumpers and red wine are in their full force, as are cosy evenings with pumpkin spiced lattes on the sofa (just kidding. Who drinks pumpkin spice lattes?!)

One of the best things about Autumn, though, is having the very special, annual opportunity to dress as whatever the hell you want, eat as much candy as your stomach can stomach and decorating your house in all the fake spiderwebs and carved out pumpkins your heart desires, with no (or very little) judgment.

But with all the trendy Halloween parties, spooky decorations, costumes and creepy-crawly themed sweets, Halloween is expensive. In 2016 alone, Brits spent £310m on Halloween-related products. That’s a lot of holiday spending. And while reusing Halloween decorations on a year to year basis makes sense, nobody wants to wear the same outfit two years in a row. Rentuu helps fix that.

Queuing to hire and buy a Halloween costumes is a notorious annual nightmare. What if we told you that you could save yourself heaps of time? Rentuu is an online hire-anything-you-can-imagine platform, aiming to make the process of renting high-quality products from 100% trusted brands completely hassle-free. And yes, that includes hiring a top-of-the-range, so-good-nobody-will-recognise-you Halloween and carnival costumes.

Whether you want to amp up your sexiest features and rock a glittery devil costume or channel your inner comedian and dress up as a jester, the selection of inspiring Halloween rental costumes on Rentuu will not disappoint. Once you’ve chosen your perfect party disguise, it will be delivered straight to your doorstep within 24 hours (you get to choose the time slot for delivery, which is super handy) and collected from you directly when you’re done.

By hiring a Halloween costume online, you will not only save yourself time and cash, but will also not have to worry about making the most of your purchase. Imagine: if we bought a new Halloween outfit each year, we’d amass quite the collection of costumes that we’d have no real use for. After all, let’s admit it - a Halloween outfit is not exactly a quality clothing investment, so why buy one when you can just rent one?

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