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Make Family Travel Easier (Without Compromising on Space)

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

Owning a car in London is one hell of a hassle: there's never any parking space, insurance costs are eye-watering, and so are the maintenance fees. And yet, sometimes, it's the only way to get from point A to B -- especially if you're a travel enthusiast, or simply need to make that universally beloved annual trip to Ikea. 

Whether you rent a car or own one, you have to take the  necessary safety precautions before journeying off, and we can all agree that the safety of our little ones is most paramount. Enter the car seat. But, unless you regularly travel with the kids in tow, owning one is more frustrating than it is useful. It's bulky, it's expensive, and it needs constant upgrading (from baby to toddler to... wait, how many variations of this thing are there?!). How on Earth do you solve this conundrum? 

Simple - just rent one. Yep, you can rent a 100% reliable, 100% hygienic car seat from leading brands for as long as you need - whether that's one day or one week. No need to scramble for storage space to in your already over-cluttered, Peppa Pig-filled home, or borrow your neighbour's suspiciously smelling, crumb-filled seat; you simply head on over to Rentuu to see our selection of car seats online, all of which are supplied by trusted companies, and book yours today.

What exactly makes Rentuu so special? First off: you can rent a car seat for several days, a week, or more without the hassle of having to speak to customer services (yay!). You book your child's or babies' car seat online, in just a few clicks, without holding on the phone while being forced to listen to awful elevator music. Second, we're not a P2P company, (unlike the competitors) which essentially means that we only rent out reliable, fully functioning, hygienic and sanitised products from genuine businesses.

So, when you hire a car seat with Rentuu, you needn't worry about cleanliness -- it's all taken care of for you. And finally, London being a busy city, we understand how important it is to get your service delivered on time. Our service is fast, trusted, and the car seat will get to you within 24 hours (yep, that's your car seat delivered straight to your door on the next day!). Hiring a car seat has seriously never been quicker and easier. 

Happy and safe travels!

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