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Managing an Airbnb? Don't Forget to Hire these 10 Essentials

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

There's no denying that short-term Airbnb rentals are taking over cities all over the globe. As Rowland Manthorpe of Wired notes, 'based on current growth, Airbnb has probably already made its millionth London booking. As of spring last year, it was on 935,000 – and, while it showed some signs of slowing in central London, its growth in the city’s outer boroughs remained strong.'

With thousands of properties on the short-term holiday rental market, it is increasingly difficult for Airbnb owners and managers to cut through the noise. Differentiating yourself from the competition is a serious challenge, but there’s one easy, hassle-free trick you can use to stand out from the sea of short-term lets: personalization.

What do we mean when we say personalization? In the context of hospitality, personalization refers to enhancing the guest experience through addressing and catering to their specific pain points and needs. It is one of the best ways for a hotel or serviced apartment to stay relevant in the competitive area of client service. 

There’s just one tiny catch: whether you're an individual landlord that manages a single property, or a professional Airbnb manager looking after a portfolio of fifty, predicting your guest's needs is difficult, and delivering requested essentials at short notice even more challenging. And with Summer holiday bookings in full swing, time may feel particularly scarce.

To make your life easier, try to source as much information about your guests prior to their arrival as you can. A young family's requirements differ vastly from that of a businessperson, and the purpose of travel as well as their length of stay determine the type of products your guest(s) might be after.

The second thing you need to do is ask your guests directly about their wishes and preferences. Will they be needing an extra air mattress? Does their child require a high chair? Perhaps they're the type that absolutely must have a top-of-the-range coffee machine to satisfy their morning cravings?

Unfortunately, direct communication with guests doesn’t always go according to plan. Some travelers are simply too busy with day to day humdrum to answer your questions – however well meaning. Others might not be the type to plan ahead. And there’s always the possibility of simply not realizing you need something until you’re on holiday.

The good news is that we can help alleviate all that pain. Thanks to, you can now deliver an exceptional guest experience through hiring their desired household essentials either well in advance, or at very short notice – even after they’ve already checked into your property.

In fact, Rentuu has had a great track record with catering for Airbnb travellers. We've recently partnered up with Airbnb management company Airsortedwho now recommend as the go-to point for hiring virtually anything you might need for your stay, in their welcome package brochures. 

To make your life even easier, we’ve put together a list of 10 popular guest essentials that should be on your radar.  And don’t forget - you can access all the items on the list on very short notice via

  1. Coffee Machine

    From late night working business travelers to sleep deprived parents, professional coffee machines have proved to be unanimously popular with guests across the board.

    2. Portable Air Conditioner

    Let’s face it: London homes are not well equipped when it comes to dealing with bouts of heat waves. Don’t leave your guests sizzling in their apartments - hire a professional grade air conditioner to help keep them cool in the heat. 

    3. Bicycle

    An increasingly popular mode of transport, bicycles are not only a good way to keep fit and be more green, but are fantastic for exploring the city as well as beating tedious traffic.

    4. Air Mattress

    Air mattresses help maximize your Aribnb capacity. Hiring an air mattress is particularly popular with groups of friends travelling together, where sharing a double bed may not be the preferred option.

    5. Cot Bed 

    Families have notoriously a lot to think about when they set off to travel, and sleeping arrangements is one of them. Unfortunately, some short-lets and hotels have a penchant for offering not 100% hygienic, dubiously outdated cot beds. This isn’t the case with Rentuu: all of our products are absolutely safety guaranteed, and we only offer the most qualified brands.

    6. Stroller

    Parents might not want to lug their bulky and not at all travel friendly stroller with them, which is why strollers have proved to be a particularly popular item to rent among young families.

    7. High Chair

    The high chair is a must for babies and toddlers. If your property doesn’t already provide one, you should definitely have it on your hiring agenda.

    8. Clothes Steamer

    High-quality suits and dresses require the best of care, and not all garments are suitable for ironing. A clothes steamer is a must-hire for high-end, luxury travelers.

    9. Fitness Equipment

    Arguably the one downsides to staying in a short-term let versus a hotel is the lack of access to facilities such as the gym. Hiring fitness equipment – from treadmills to dumbbells – is an easy way to offer your guests the luxuries of a hotel from the comfort of their home.

    10. Wheelchair

    If your guest needs a wheelchair for a short time, it is now easier than ever to hire one online, via We deliver and collect all items, so you need not worry about making the time to arrange for a pick-up or drop-off: we pride ourselves on delivering a supremely high consistency of standards. 



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