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Meet the Premium Blow-Up Bed that Won’t Leave Your Guests Shattered and Bruised

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

When extended family descend for the weekend, or when you’re hosting a party that’s just too good to leave before dawn, we inevitably stumble upon the age-old problem: finding room for them all.

Don’t get us wrong – it’s lovely having guests over. But the pressure of being the 'perfect' host can get a little intense, especially when your humble abode is a pint-sized studio flat in London and you haven’t even got the storage space for your budding collection of Nike sneakers, let alone an extra bed or a futon.

Your sofa won’t cut it, no matter how soft and comfy it may be - we trust you don’t want to give your guests permanent back damage. None of this matters, of course, if your overnight visitor is 16 years old and had one too many tequilas. In which case, you could leave them to snore it off in the bathtub, and they wouldn’t even notice.

But as much as you may want to, you can’t shove your in-laws into a bath-tub-bed-concoction. The solution?

Rent a super-comfy, premium air bed.  

What’s that, you ask? Well. It’s a blow-up bed, but not the type you’re thinking of. It’s a much more perfected version of the less-than-stellar original that your parents probably have dusting in the garage. No, this particular air mattress is awesome. It’s easy to ‘assemble’ (blow up) and honestly, it doesn’t look any different to the real bed you have in the bedroom.

Comfortable, simple, and even, dare we say it, kind of cool, premium air beds provide the perfect solution for seamlessly acing this whole hosting guests thing while keeping their backs bruise-free. Have we convinced you that they’re a really, really good idea yet?

Good. Now, where do you sign up?

Rentuu offer a super-quick, super-easy rental service of air mattresses (amongst other things) within London.  With just a few clicks, your air bed of choice will be delivered straight to your doorstep within 24 hours. Renting a bed has truly never been quicker and easier.

With more than affordable rental prices and seamless delivery and service, Rentuu is set to be a huge hit over the summer season when house parties are rife and uninvited relatives show up for surprise visits a little too frequently.

Be a good host and do the right thing – rent a premium air bed. The only problem with this otherwise fabulous arrangement? Your guests may get so comfortable, you may have to evict them by force.


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