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Meeting Your Guest's Demands With Customisation: How Rentuu Can Help

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

Customisation is the hottest buzzword in hospitality circles, but what does a ‘customised’ guest experience entail and how do you implement it into your business strategy? 

When managing a serviced apartment, hotel or short-term let, an all too common assumption to make is that a clean and stylish space in a stellar location, coupled with comfortable communication with staff is the magic formula required to win over your guest’s hearts.

Industry research is showing a very different picture: that ‘extra touch’ absolutely must go beyond fluffy towels and chocolate mints.

According to Amadeus, a whopping 86% of travellers value personalised offers. That's a majority you simply can't ignore. 

Take Airbnb as an example. The platform recently launched an initiative to further the immersive experience for travellers, allowing for hosts to offer extra personal touches. Airbnb 'experience' hosting can range from teaching a cooking class or giving an insider's tour of the city. Airbnb hosts can now go beyond the standard check-in and check-out routine and treat their guests as unique individuals, worthy of a truly special and personal experience. 

The add-on has already taken New York by storm. When interviewed by Fortune in October 2017, Brian Chesky, the CEO or Airbnb, said that Airbnb 'Trips' (the hallmark of which is 'Experiences'), had grown 12 times from January until October -  about thirteen times faster than homes business was at the same time

Hoteliers, too, are picking up on customer’s demand for a more personalised travel experience, with concept 'Smart Rooms' springing up everywhere from Hong Kong to London

While the sharing economy and the hunt for unique, local experiences have traditionally been associated with younger discount-seeking travellers, the growing availability of luxury short-term rentals via the sharing economy indicates that high-end travellers have precise requirements they want to have met - all while opting for self-catered accommodation.

Industry players quick to respond to these demands are the ones scoring brownie points with their customers. Don't be the one lagging behind.

A simple but extremely effective way to meet your guest's demands is to provide them with personal touches in their accommodation. If you're worried that you simply don’t have the time or resources to help make your guest’s stay more comfortable - don’t be! helps you deliver the quality of personalised service you've always dreamed of by renting out a range of quality-assured household and travel equipment. 

Just think how much a family travelling with children will appreciate it if the endless list of things they need when abroad -  from car seats to strollers to sterilising equipment to cot beds - waits for them at their accommodation upon their arrival? 

Rentuu’s platform is seamless and incredibly easy to use. We've worked with a range of concierge services and Airbnb management services, and understand the importance of reliability, punctuality and good communication. 

There's never been an easier way to meet your customer's demands. 

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