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Moved Home and Need Temporary Furnishings? Check out

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

There comes a point in life where moving home loses its buzz. As you grow older, and inevitably acquire more 'stuff', the mountains of cardboard boxes, endless rolls of bubble wrap, sellotape and frantic cries like 'where the hell is the hairdryer?!', or 'I told you not to pack away the kettle!' become the convention.

Worse yet, moving is rarely as straightforward as pack, load, move, unpack. The dream home move-in date might not coincide with your move-out date, or perhaps you've yet to find that dream home entirely and are temporarily banished to a hotel or Airbnb until you finally sort something out

Once all your things are in storage - you're almost embarrassed at how much the whole ordeal cost, both in nerves and in cash - and you're in your temporary, or dream home abode, the real problems begin (yay). 

You are likely to experience one of the following:

1. If you're in a new, unfurnished house and haven't yet managed to arrange for your things to arrive (perhaps you never owned furniture in the first place), you, er, don't have an actual bed.

2. You have no kettle to make your morning coffee.

3. You have no hoover to clean up accidental spills.

4. You have no toaster to make yourself breakfast.

5. You are beginning to regret this move in its entirety.

OK, so 5 is an exaggeration but honestly, what sane person wouldn't be at least a little bit annoyed at the inconveniences associated with moving into an unfurnished flat?!

At this point, you have two options.

1. Go ahead and buy cheap (ASDA, anyone?) air mattress, hoover, kettle and toaster,


2. Rent high-quality products via, for as little or as long as you need them.

The problem with option 1 is twofold: you're wasting money on something that probably won't last very long, isn't actually any good and, if you're just waiting for your stuff to arrive from storage, you're duplicating your purchases. This leads into problem number 2, which is that by purchasing things you don't actually need in the long run (as opposed to an investment piece you know you'll get the most out of), you're being wasteful and not very environmentally friendly

We all know that reusing and recycling is one of the best, and easiest, things we can do to curb our negative effects on the planet. And we also know that more often than not, cheap, 'temporary' products = less than agreeable quality. 

That's why it makes so much more sense to rent stuff, rather than buy the cheap knockoff version. 

While we can't promise to make your house move absolutely seamless, we can ease the stress just that little bit.

So the next time you're moving to an unfurnished place, remember: why would you buy it when you can just rent it?

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