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New flat? Don't sleep on the floor! -

Posted by Andrea Guzzoni on

New flat? Don't sleep on the floor!
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You just moved into your new flat and you still don't have a bed? Still looking around for the best deals around you? Checking daily for hot deals on Gumtree? 
We know. We've been there. 
But you're lucky, because now there is a solution! is a new online renting service where you can find anything to rent for your house and it is SO easy! For example, if you want to rent a mattress, go on, search "air mattress" select the one you like and the dates you would like it for and you're done! One of the Rentuu staff will deliver the product at the convenient time for you that you indicated, and will collect it once you don't need it anymore! 
Thanks to your move will be much more stress-free, giving you all the time you need to find the best mattress to buy!
For temporary solutions and many other products to hire in London check:
And congratulations on the new flat!

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