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Our hassle-free guide to getting and staying fit

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

Spring is now in full swing, and summer is just around the corner, which means a couple of things. First, many of us are going through the painstaking process that is the big old spring clean – getting rid of unwanted stuff to free up much-needed storage space at home. Second, we’re stacking away our woolly jumpers and puffy coats, exchanging them for a much-missed uniform of t-shirts and shorts. And finally, we’re starting to realise that months of hibernating under the comfort of winter clothes means we’ve inevitably neglected one very important thing: our fitness regime and our bodies.

Let’s be honest. Getting and staying fit is no easy feat. Gym memberships are expensive and time-consuming (getting there and back alone requires a level of dedication) and, while working out at home provides a certain level of respite from this issue, it poses another: fitness equipment is bulky, heavy, and kind of ugly. And, if you do find the motivation to devote yourself to a regular workout regime, travelling abroad can really throw you off. The good news is that Rentuu helps solve all the above.  

Whether you’re visiting London for a week, have just relocated to the capital or are a fully-fledged Londoner, Rentuu offers a service that helps keep your home nice and clutter-free while making it easy for you to stay in (or get into) shape.  How exactly does it work, you ask? It couldn’t be simpler. You just head over to our website, check out our selection of dumbbells and fitness equipment, pick out your equipment of choice will be at your doorstep within 24 hours.

Hiring dumbbells has never been easier. You don’t have to worry about arranging your own delivery, we’ll do the heavy lifting (pun intended) for you. And, thanks to our well-established partners, all of our fitness equipment for hire is 100% reliable and functional. Because we're not a P2P platform, we never rely on chance – our fitness equipment goes through rigorous checks, which means that the dumbbells you hire will be thoroughly sanitised and safe to use.  

Alan, 29, recently travelled to London for work. He wanted the flexibility to continue with his workout regime in the comfort of his hotel room, so he turned to Rentuu to help solve his predicament. “I needed to hire dumbbells for 4 days, without the hassle of calling up customer services and going through a lengthy registration process. Rentuu solved this problem. The service was quick, painless and very easy. The equipment I received was in fantastic condition. I couldn’t be more pleased!”

Hiring dumbbells isn’t just convenient for those travelling to London, though. It can also be hugely helpful for individuals that have recently moved to the city, haven’t had the chance to register with the gym yet or those that simply want to test out a new exercise regime without committing oneself to buying loads of equipment. Speaking of which, here’s a list of inspirational at-home dumbbell exercise videos for you to try out today. All you need is a set of dumbbells that you can hire quick ‘n’ easy through Rentuu, an pumpking workout soundtrack and a pair of sneakers, and your dream summer body is just a couple of sweats away!

Oh, and here's our top YouTube dumbbell workouts: 

1. Dumbbell exercises that hit every muscle 

2. Ultimate full body dumbbell workout

3. How to get big arms with only dumbbells


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