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Here's Why Photo Booths Are a Must for Boosting Your Event's Marketing

Posted by Veronica Morozova on


Traditionally, photo booths have been hot in the world of weddings, but in recent years big-name brands from Moet to Benefit have been favoring them for a range of events - from product launches to company anniversaries. It's safe to say that the photo booth is finally earning its rightful place in the event industry. But photo booths aren't just for fun and games -- they're also an amazing marketing asset that can take your event to the next level. 

Break the Ice

In today's instant gratification, digital age, keeping your attendees entertained is seriously hard work. Banking on live music to keep a crowd happy simply isn't going to cut it anymore. A photo booth is a fun and original way to break the ice and get the guests to engage in a group activity. Add a few props into the mix and you've got yourself a real party starter!

Lead Generation

It can be difficult to keep track of attendees at an event, and even more difficult to capture relevant data for re-marketing. But, thankfully, a photo booth can serve as a handy tool for lead generation. Most contemporary photo booths offer the opportunity to e-mail a digital version of the photos to the guests, thus requiring e-mail collection. Other booths require an e-mail prior to being used. Whichever method you choose, make sure the method is GDPR compliant. That way, you get a great insight into who attended your events and can add them to your mailing list for re-targeting purposes. 

Branding Opportunity 

What better way to leave a permanent memory of your amazing event than to leave your name all over your attendee's photos?! The opportunities for marketing are endless: you can add your company's logo to prints, create a custom backdrop for your business or get creative with props. 

Social Media Campaigns

Photo booths have seriously evolved in recent years. Gone are the days that the primary purpose of a photo booth was physical prints: users can now instantly upload their digital photos to social media platforms of their choice, maximising the potential for viral reach of your event. You can even incorporate photo booths into a bigger marketing stunt: live tweeting with photos, custom hashtags and competitions, as well as Instagram stories. Plus, most of the pictures taken at an event are uploaded by the guests on their Facebook pages, boosting your event's digital longevity post-event.

Large and small brands can make use of a photo booth for publicity purposes. And, unlike paid ads, photo booths won't dent your pockets. They are affordable to hire yet their effectiveness for brand building is unparalleled.

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