We're all familiar with that blissful, long-awaited time of the year that is experiencing the very first proper English heatwave of the year. It's no surprise, then, that so many creative agencies, co-working spaces and freelance event organisers are seizing the moment and taking on party planning projects to help their clients make the most of the most glorious, carefree time of the year.

Whether you're organising a corporate bash for forty co-workers or a full-on, large-scale lavish wedding, the one responsibility everyone tasked with putting together party is faced with is flawless organisation. It's undeniable that organising an event - whatever the size - is a time consuming and hyper-stressful task. The list of to-dos is endless, and relying on outside resources feels risky at best (and downright disastrous at worst)

Of course, there are elements of event planning that are beyond a mere mortal's capacity to influence (like the weather - especially in England!), but there are a few things you can do to help yourself have a way easier time organising that big day. 

We're familiar with the consistent complaints among industry professionals and those involved in freelance event planning for clients: they are time-poor and overwhelmed, they find budgeting to be particularly draining and have a hard time dealing with vendors, wishing that there was one reliable, single point of contact they could regularly use. 

 helps solve all those issues and more.

Here's how Rentuu takes the stress out of event planning:

  1. A single point of contact for all your rental needs.

    That's right - you no longer need to hire your sound system from an A/V supplier, your party furniture from a furniture specialist, or your air conditioners from an aircon vendor Rentuu.com is your sole go-to website that covers a vast range of products you're likely to need to hire for a party, which saves you hours of very precious time.

  2. 100% reliability and flexibility.

    Rentuu is the first platform to offer a flexible, time-slot dependent delivery - all available at a mere click. All you have to do is select a convenient date and time frame, and we'll take care of ensuring your selected products are delivered on time. We also offer a set-up and installation service, so you needn't worry about outsourcing a set-up team.

  3. Fantastic customer support.

    Should you have any special requests or general questions, our customer service support is available 24/4. Bid farewell to waiting for days for an email quote; our real-time support is prompt, succinct, and super accessible (in the unlikely event that you're faced with a technical issue or otherwise, you have the option to talk to us via online chat, email or phone). 

  4. Real-time pricing.

    Few things are more stressful than having no real idea how much your event is going to cost. You won't face this problem with Rentuu - we're proud to incorporate AI technologies to make the most of real-time quotes and pricing. Yep, this means no listening to endless elevator music while you're on hold on the phone. Score!

  5. Huge selection of top-of-the-range furniture and equipment. 

    Arguably the greatest perk about Rentuu is that you're truly spoilt for choice: you don't need to spend precious hours searching for the perfect, top-of-the-range furniture of equipment; it's all ready for you to select from our super easy to browse online product catalogue.
There's really no argument to not use Rentuu  - it really is a no-brainer for anyone tasked with organising an event of any scale. 

Rentuu's customers consistently praise our impressive service. Alessandra Barracco, an event organiser based in London, says that: 'I'm an event organizer and I always need to rent things just for one day. Rentuu is the best solution that fits my needs... also when you have to organize your wedding!' 

What are you waiting for? Start hiring today.