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Post-Christmas Blues Hitting Hard? Make Your Home Staycation Worthy!

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

So, you've devoured your own weight's worth of food over the holidays; drank five times your recommended allowance of wine and watched all your festive movie classics on repeat, ad nauseam. Now you find yourself back at your abode, in that weird limbo that is the time period between Christmas and New Year's, feeling five kilograms too heavy and desolate. 

What to do?!

Make your home a staycation worthy of an Airbnb abode, that's what.

Listen. Going away abroad can be overrated. Here's why:

1. It's expensive.
2. You need to do quite a bit of planning (yawn). 
3. The comfort of your home is, at times, what you really need in life. 

But how on Earth do you turn your home into a staycation/Instagram-worthy  abode?

Kit out your home with rentals from!

Rule number one of a staycation-worthy house? Make sure it's got all (or at least a good 80%) of the stuff you'd look out for when vacationing. 

Are you a film buff that dreams of the big screen experience when on holiday? Rent out a projector and projector screen for the duration of your staycation! Complete the experience with your very own, top-of-the-range popcorn machine. Yum!

Love to blast some tunes with the help of top of the range HQ sound? Why not hire your very own DJ system and spend your Christmas recovery days spinning tunes? 

And, if you're feeling particularly lonely, why not hire an extra air bed to have that beloved, special guest stay over and keep you happy and entertained? 

You can take it even further (yup) and hire a bean bag (or two), extra dining cutlery utensils and super funky LED lights to kit out your living room!

Inspired by the frustration that was finding premium products for hire, the team behind Rentuu have launched a super-snazzy and efficient website that helps take the burden off of anyone looking for temporary solutions to hiring essentials. Why would you spend hundreds of dollars on something only to use for a couple of weeks, when you can simply hire one for a fraction of the price? has you covered, whatever the request.

Enjoy your staycation!

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