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Stop Relying On Dated Methods For Event Rentals And Do This Instead

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

Ask any event planner what their ultimate goal is in their line of profession, and they will (virtually unanimously) reply that it is to leave a lasting experience in the attendee's minds. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? 

But what if the list of tasks to achieve this goal is so overwhelming you find yourself constantly scrambling for more time? It's an industry-accepted fact that a vast chunk of project management goes toward finding quality vendors that won't turn you down at the last minute. Researching the best suppliers, putting through requests, back and forth communication and tracing and tracking all take up valuable time that you could be spending elsewhere.

Here's the good news: in this day and age, it's easier than ever to streamline your processes and simplify your workload. Whether you've been tasked with putting together a small Demo Day, a pop-up product launch, or even a small get-together for your colleagues, chances are you'll have more than your fair share of burdensome tasks to deal with. 

We all know that events of any shape and size require furniture, glassware, and host of other essentials. Finding the right supplier and making sure the delivery and collection runs smoothly can be a serious headache. 

Because, imagine how long it can take for one to find the exact cups and cutlery you'll need for a meeting? Or, where on Earth do you hire a projector without the faff of waiting 48 hours for a quote from a somewhat outdated supplier? And how can you really be 100% certain that you're getting the best price for product of choice?

We're pleased to say that solves all those problems and more. Since launching in 2017, we've helped everyone from the BBC to Marriott Hotels ease the burden of operations associated with event planning and saved entrepreneurs hours of time.  

      • Save Stress: A Bespoke, Expert Service Tailored to YOUR Needs

        Rentuu provides every client with a dedicated account manager, which means the operational burden is lifted off your shoulders. This is how it works: pop your details into our super simple request form, Rentuu then goes on to assign you with an account manager who then searches for the right equipment for the right equipment and barters on your behalf. Feeling anxious or unsure about your order? No problem: just give us a ring and we'll adjust it for you accordingly.

      • Save Time: Thousands of High-Quality Products, All in One Place

        Think of Rentuu as a sort of Skyscanner for event equipment rentals: just put in your request for what you're after and we'll give you the various options and deals. Truth be told, there's no shortage of fantastic event equipment for hire, but the problem is they have traditionally been difficult to navigate. Now, thanks to Rentuu, the entire equipment hiring process super straightforward and accessible

      • Save Money: Competitive, Transparent Pricing - Every Time

        Let's not skirt around the issue: bespoke services usually mean that there's a hefty premium to pay. Luckily, that's not the case with Rentuu. We're so dedicated to ensuring you have the best price possible, that should on the (very unlikely) chance find a better price for a product elsewhere, we'll almost always guarantee to match it. Plus, you can finally enjoy full pricing transparency with your order, with no sneaky small print fees or unfair conditions. 

There you have it: three powerful ways companies win by using Rentuu for their event equipment hiring needs.  Cheap equipment hire has never been this easy!



If you have any questions or want to try out our bespoke service, don't be shy and give us a call or drop us a line today

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