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Supplier Insights

Posted by Andrea Guzzoni on

It’s an intriguing time for the hire industry. There are a lot of considerations, for one Brexit. And of course, the digital revolution, which continues to disrupt industries around us and this one is no different.

As well as, there are general innovations with product you have to keep tabs on, too. A time when supplier insights are needed, no doubt. 

For us, this is profusely exciting. But we can understand the general industry-wide qualms there are. So, using our tech-enabled industry insights, we have below a list of resources that may help answer any one of your questions you may have.

Tech Development 

Technology has developed tremendously over the last couple of decades, and it is safe to say it isn’t slowing down in any way. Whether this excites you or nerves you, you still need to, in one regard or another, research and become aware of what’s happening. Otherwise, you'll fail as a business. 

As a tech company, we’re deeply interested in the development and below is where we explore that.  

Market Insight 

Each day we field calls from up and down the UK. As such, we are in contact with our elaborate pool of supplier from all over the country daily.In doing this we gather quite the collection of information on what’s being rented and what isn’t being rented, where and when. Below is a collection of our general musing on the industry founded from these insights.

Operational Tips 


We don’t want to disrupt or change what you do - not at all. We want to be a helping hand of sorts. One that gets you more business and eases your transition into a more tech-orientated era. 

Find below the ways in which we can help your operations:

Financial Utilisation, An Explainer - We explore what exactly financial utilisation is and why it could greatly help your operations.

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