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The Ease Of Cross-Hiring With Rentuu

Posted by Andrea Guzzoni on

As you most probably know, we’re an online hire platform. The nature of our business is simple: we take the stock of hundreds of suppliers and put it in one centralised online platform, offering clients the opportunity to hire online and within seconds. This service is great and convenient and is already having an impact on the industry.

And in my opinion, as someone who has worked tirelessly to build this service, there is one aspect which simply isn’t utilised enough: cross-hiring. The hiring process, one that saves time and money, is as open to you, our suppliers, as it is to anyone.


With Cross-Hiring You’re Able To

  • Have Instant Access To Endless Supplies Of High-Quality Stock

  • Access Additional Logistics If You’re Booked Up

  • Tap Into New Markets and Fresh Customers

  • Build New Industry Relationships

What Is Cross-Hiring, And How Does It Work?

If you are in the position where you lack stock to fulfil an order, or even simply can’t fulfil an order as you don’t have the logistics, cross-hiring is the way to go. Traditionally, obviously, cross-hiring started and stopped at asking your mates within the industry. And sure, they helped you fulfil an order a fair few times, but not always. And that’s what we consider a dear  shame.

You should never miss out on an order, that is something we swear by. And with cross-hiring, you don’t need to. In December alone we were able to fulfil multiple cross-hire solutions. Our suppliers came to us with needs they couldn’t fulfil, our algorithm paired them with the most suitable supplier within our elaborate pool, enabling them.

You can begin cross-hiring by emailing us, using our website, or giving us a call. Soon, you will access to Rentuu’s business hub, where you can cross-hire on your computer within seconds.

Rentuu, making your day-to-day that little bit easier

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