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This is how Rentuu is Solving Every Event Planner's Biggest Challenges

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

Event management isn't a profession for the easily overwhelmed, nor the faint-hearted. From finding the perfect venue to managing a tight budget, dealing with demanding clients and last-minute changes, the endless frustrations are unanimously shared (and lamented) across the industry. 

And while event professional's workload keeps increasing and they continue to go above and beyond standard event planning tasks, they're simply not getting the resources they need to maximise and improve processes

However, there is good reason to believe that things are en route to improvement as digital technology continues to be a pivotal and disruptive force in the industry. The Internet of Things exemplifies how digital trends are integrated into the event space, helping improve network connectivity and bridging the communication gap to improve attendee engagement. AR and VR coupled with live streaming and crowd-powered services set a new bar for how events are experienced: deeper personalisation which leads to better engagement. Better engagement means an improved attendee experience - which is at the heart of every event planner's hard work. 

It's hardly surprising, then, that Social Tables, a global SaaS company headquartered in Washington, released a trend report where 35% of planners surveyed said that 'the arrival of event technology has made the most noticeable impact on the industry'.

But how does technology alleviate event professionals' frustrations in the event planning phase? 

Three common complaints among industry professionals are how time-poor and overwhelmed they are when in the throes of planning, the difficulty that is budgeting accordingly and the challenges involved with keeping track of vendors.
helps solve that. Here's how.

1. The Problem of Budgeting

Mike Walker of MGN Events (Eventbrite 2017) says that vendors are particularly savvy when it comes to hidden charges: the pesky things are often buried deep, in tiny fonts, in the T&C's. Pricing transparency is elusive, especially when it comes to hiring equipment. 

Being diligent and negotiating your pricing, as well as getting it in writing, is, of course, one way to go about ensuring you stay within your budgeting framework. Walker says that you need to negotiate hard to 'avoid a nasty shock when the bill comes' (Eventbrite 2017). 

But why go through the hassle of the hustle when you can have all your equipment hire quotes upfront, with no hidden charges? We're proud to say that at, we offer our clients full pricing transparency - sans haggle. 

2. The Problem of Time Management

Everyone hates a bottleneck. Event managers are no exception. Lizzy Gaskin, director at Right Angle Events, says that one of her biggest frustrations is the pressure involved when clients contact her for quotes and expect to receive an immediate response.

We often have clients contact us in the morning, with two hours until they have to present their ideas to their managers or CEOs, needing quotes immediately,” Gaskin says (Eventbrite 2017).

It is understandable, then, that when vendors take hours - if not days! - to get back to their clients with a quote, event managers feel the strain (and the pain).

But no need to panic: waiting hours for a quote is now a thing of the past. not only gives clients real-time quotes but also serves as a single point of contact for thousands of products, saving event planners' hours of precious time. 

In fact, our online marketplace is designed with the busy, discerning client in mind, so all frustrating checkout processes are banished. 

3. The Problem of Tracking and Communication

Event planners have enough on their plate as it is without the added pain that is poor communication with suppliers and vendors. Delivery and tracking is another common concern. Whether it's the little details like napkins or major essentials integral to the event, having a peace of mind that the products you have hired will arrive on time is invaluable. 

Unfortunately, the equipment rental industry is not renowned for its technological savviness, and communication may be limited to phone calls during office hours or outdated contact forms. 

This isn't the case with We offer 24/7 phone contact support, respect your need for quick answers, reassurance, and clarity. 

Long story short: event planning consists of planning, managing, and negotiating.
Efficiency, clarity, transparency and good communication are vital to the event planning process. is an online marketplace that serves as a single point of contact for thousands of products, all while offering full pricing transparency and unparalleled customer support. 

We're here to take the pain out of your event planning frustrations. Why not start hiring your next event's essentials today?


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