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Meet the Ultimate, Stress-Free Christmas Party Gear Rental Site

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

OK, let's be honest: who doesn't like a Christmas party?! Whether it's your office do -- with hilarious and potentially awkward gossip potential galore -- or a (not-so-relaxed) bash with your friends, the mulled-wine infused atmosphere of festive fervour is so hard to beat, it's almost worth the hellish hangover.

The difficult bit is getting the party organised. When you have everything from the venue, theme, catering and booze to the Christmas decorations and sufficient heating to consider, it's no surprise that the planning bit can be hugely off-putting to the non-expert Christmas party organiser. 

But we're here to deliver some very good news: getting stuff together for That Christmas Party that Nobody Will Ever Forget (for the right or wrong reasons) just got a whole load easier.  

You heard us: you no longer need to plod through lengthy fill-out forms, outdated, cryptic websites and listen to 45 minutes' worth of customer service shpiel on the phone to get your Christmas party essentials together. Because now, you've got to do the heavy lifting for you (literally). 

With, you can hire practically all the bits and pieces you need to complete your dazzling and fabulous Christmas bash.

Indeed, Rentuu solves an all too common dilemma many party organisers (whether professional or amateur) face: being able to hire several pieces of essential equipment, decoration, seating -- you get the picture -- without the usual hassle and stress this entails. Preferably, the hiring of things would happen all from one company. Also preferably, the items would be delivered straight to you. And, if you're pushing it, you'd also love for it all to be collected from you when you're done. Good customer service and a streamlined platform wouldn't hurt, either. Sound too good to be true? It no longer isn't!

Now you can hire your Christmas decorations (and yes, that includes Christmas trees), patio heaters, costumes, speakers and so much more from one fantastically seamless platform: 

Designed with the time-poor consumer in mind, Rentuu takes the faff out of online renting and puts the focus back on your needs. 

Quick, easy, and user-friendly, Rentuu lets you choose from a myriad of items -- from the everyday to the less conventional -- to rent via their platform. No need to pick up the phone, no need to fill out e-mail questionnaires. Better yet, all of Rentuu's products are of the utmost highest quality, so you've no need to stress about any last-minute malfunctions. 

So with much of the hard work done for you, go ahead and get organising and, most importantly, enjoying your upcoming Christmas bash.

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