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These 5 Props Will Make Your Team Bonding Day Totally EPIC!

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

OK. We get it. 'Team Bonding' as a phrase in itself tends to get more eye rolls and sighs than genuine enthusiasm. But please, bear with us.

The major problem with team bonding activities is that they're generally more likely to elicit embarrassment and awkwardness rather than, you know, actual bonding. 

Whatever super fun plan you may think you have for your team, it's likely to fall flat on its face if your team resists all efforts to be coerced into any kind of 'forced bonding' experience.

HOWEVER, there's a neat little trick you can try to break the ice and get your team to actually enjoy their team bonding day as well as leave a lasting, positive impact: hiring event essentials to elevate the experience.

Read on to find out exactly the kind of tools that can help turn your team bonding day from cringe-worthy to fun and impactful.

1. Inflatable Photo Booth

Yep, that's right. If you're scratching your head thinking, 'how on Earth would taking photos work as team building?', hear us out. Photo booths are ubiquitous. Events with photo booths always perform way better on the ice-breaker scale than those without. The activities you can set up with photo booths are endless: You can divide your team into groups and set up a theme: say, Blockbusters. Then, send the teams off to build their own props and create a series of photos to represent the most famous scenes in their given films. The team that comes up with the most convincing photo series wins. Follow this link for more photo booth related competitions. 

2. Foosball Table

Because, who doesn't love a foosball table? Get those beers and football t-shirts out and get your team to play on behalf of everyone's favourite football teams. It's a guaranteed hit. 

3. Treadmill

Sure, this might not look very fun but hold up before you dismiss the treadmill as your idea of team bonding hell. Office Olympics can be seriously unforgettable. The trick with this one is not to take it too seriously, and for added comical effect, get your team to dress up as various movie or literary characters. Trust us -- the sigh of a sweaty Chewbacca slaving away on the treadmill will get guaranteed laughs. 

4. Ping Pong Table

You need the space for this one, but if you managed to work something out, ping pong is worth considering as it tends to get the office buzz going like nothing else. 


5. Air Hockey Table

Should you be hosting your team building day in the winter, you should definitely consider for an air hockey challenge. It generates similar excitement to the foosball table and the ping pong, but has the added bonus of having that seasonal feel. 

There you have it: 5 super easy props to elevate any team building day, large or small. And now, thanks to Rentuu, you can hire any of the above props online without so much as picking up your phone. Enjoy your epic team building!

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