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Tackling Unresponsive Suppliers with Rentuu's Business Hub

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

Be honest: how do you get on with your suppliers? Chances are that if a supplier is reliable, efficient, and generally 'on top of their game', you'll get along swimmingly. But what happens when the event planner/supplier relationship is strained? Or, worse yet, if there is no relationship to begin with because they never got back to you in the first place? 

A common point of contention between event planners and suppliers is response time. When you depend on suppliers for an event (and, as an event planner, you most likely do), their performance can affect your ability to meet deadlines. What do you do when a supplier's performance is problematic, and they point blank refuse to respond to your increasingly urgent pleas for attention?

The true test of a supplier is whether they put you, the customer, first. If they are slow and unresponsive to your requests, it's highly likely that they simply don't respect your schedule and time constraints. If you have a vendor who isn’t meeting your needs the solution is simple: ditch them, and try Rentuu's business hub instead.

Bad communication = bad rating

Here at Rentuu, we are all too familiar with the pain of unresponsive suppliers. After all, we've worked with hundreds! The real question is why have we resigned ourselves to simply accepting the fact that a supplier can take 3-5 weeks to respond to an urgent request (if we're lucky and they respond at all)? And, pertinently, what are we going to do about it? 

Thanks to our spanking new business hub, dealing with unresponsive suppliers is now a thing of the unpleasant past.  Not only do we hand-select premium suppliers, but they are also incentivized to maintain a pristine reputation thanks to our ranking system. So, if a supplier is lazy and unresponsive, they will subsequently get a bad rating on our platform. Think of it a little bit like rating Uber drivers - if they are prompt and polite, they get 5*. If they are rude or take an unnecessarily long route - you rate them lower. But while you can't hand-select Uber drivers, you can be picky about choosing your suppliers according to their communication ranking.

Don't resign yourself to substandard suppliers

Suppliers have been getting away with poor communication for way too long. The pillars of every event planner/supplier relationship should always rest on mutual respect, clarity, and ease of communication. Even if you've worked with a supplier for years, but are unhappy with their poor response rate -- don't resign yourself and don't be afraid to shop around! Prior to Rentuu, finding new, reliable suppliers was an arduous, time-consuming task. No longer! Our streamlined platform makes is super easy for you to browse through hundreds of Europe's leading suppliers. Your time and peace of mind matter. Stop stressing and start browsing today

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