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Travelling with Kids Needn't Be a Nightmare: Rentuu Can Help

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

It's every traveling parents' worst nightmare: you're finally all packed up for that annual holiday with the kids, only to realize you left a vital essential back home. Parenting is stressful enough as it is, and the pressure to remember to bring everything is rife

Travelling light when you've got kids might seem impossible - after all, you absolutely need those sterilisers, strollers and car seats, because your child's safety is understandably paramount. But what if we told you you could have all those things arranged for you at your travel destination

Lucy, 35, from Glasgow, came down to London for the bank holiday weekend, her two and three-year-old in tow. She struggled to find a good quality double buggy for her toddlers, and virtually no cab companies were able to supply two clean, reliable car seats. And then, she found Rentuu.

"It was such a relief to be able to book a stroller and a car seat online, without the pain of filling out long forms or calling up the company and being put on hold," Lucy says. "Best of all, the quality of products is top-notch, and I am content in the knowledge that my children are using the very best and safest products." aims to take the hassle out of travel, and parents are often the biggest beneficiaries. Hiring a stroller or a car seat for your baby or toddler has seriously never been easier.


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