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Posted by Andrea Guzzoni on

What makes you tick? Is it the knowledge that you're providing an unparalleled service to a client? The creative process? The positive feedback?

For us, the answer is simple: we're obsessed with empowering event professionals. That means that we want to make your life as stress-free as possible. A significant part of this is about streamlining your operations and workload, which essentially means saving you lots and lots of time (and who doesn't like having extra time to focus on the things that really matter?!). 

One of the key ways in which we're doing this is by implementing tech into an arena that was previously, well, notoriously tech-free. 

Receiving bespoke quotes, finding niche products and managing back and forth communications with suppliers has habitually been a bit of a pain. Outdated, lengthy questionnaires and forms, numbers that ring to no avail - topped off with downright confusion compounded by frustrating inefficiency - were the hallmarks of far too many event planner-supplier relationships. 

Alas, thanks to Rentuu Business Hub, all of those pesky troubles are officially conquered. Need more convincing? Here's three compelling reasons why you should overcome your doubts and sign up immediately. 

1. you + 3 months of free premium membership = no brainer

We'll get straight to the point: you matter to us. We want to see you happy. And we know how hesitant you may feel about paying money for a service you're not entirely sure will benefit you. That's cool. That's also why we're offering you a very exclusive, 

3 months' worth of premium access to Rentuu Business Hub - saving you a sweet £215 in the process. 



Answer truthfully: if you were to throw an event outside your comfort zone - say, in a new city or for a particularly difficult client - how comfortable would you be with the idea of hunting down new suppliers? If you're branching out of your 'specialty' and don't have any connections in a given field (say, throwing a children's party), or are looking for suppliers in a geographic area that is foreign to you, it can sure as hell be daunting to find someone you can rely on.


So here's the wonderful thing: Rentuu pools all the best suppliers from all across Europe and the UK onto one single platform, so you don't have to worry about finding quality ones ever again. Not only do we vet them, but we also ensure that they consistently live up to their ratings. And, as a cutting-edge, cloud-based service, we guarantee that your user experience with our platform is going to be top-notch. 





At the end of the day, the choice is pretty straightforward: if Rentuu Business Hub lives up to everything you hoped it would be you gain a trusted tool to help you manage your uber stressful workload. Worst case scenario? It doesn't work for you, and that's totally cool. You don't lose any money, and, given how super easy the platform is to use, you won't lose any time, either - so what's the harm in trying? You'll never know if you never try...


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