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Want to Travel While Staying Fit? It’s Easier Than You Think

Posted by Veronica Morozova on

Few things makes grown humans more proud than finally getting back into a fitness routine - it’s right up there with getting a pay rise and having a successful date after a series of disasters. And when you see those very first signs of muscle definition? Downright
beaming with smugness. But what happens if you need (or want) to travel abroad? You’ve finally got into a habit of working out regularly, so the thought of disrupting your routine sends you into a spiral of anxiety and visions of cellulite and beer bellies.

The obvious option when you’re not in your home country is, of course, the gym. However, this is far from ideal because:

a) you often need to pay for use of gym separately, on top of your already expensive hotel (ouch)

  1. b) you prefer to workout in the privacy of your personal space, without being exposed to strangers’ sweaty aroma

    c) if you’re the type that likes to let out a grunt or two when doing push ups, or loves watching nature documentaries while squatting (all power to you), whatever your quirks, being able to workout in privacy means you’ll avoid potentially awkward glances

    d) gyms have operating hours and require you to actually travel to them. By opting to workout at home, you’ll be saving heaps of time AND be able to lift weights at any time of the day.

    e) how many times have you had to queue up to use a piece of equipment?! Doesn’t it absolutely destroy your workout buzz? This isn’t something you have to worry about when you’re the boss of your fitness gear.

    f) the weird atmosphere of competition at gyms is plain creepy and not very conducive to your confidence, especially if you’re new to the working out game.

    So - working out at your hotel, or airbnb, or friend’s living room when you’re visiting London seriously beats paying for and going to the gym. But one major question remains - where the hell do you get all the fitness equipment you need?!

    Thanks to Rentuu, you needn’t worry about finding ways to get your hands on quality workout gear - you can hire your fitness equipment online.

    And if you’re concerned about transporting these heavy, bulky items - don’t be. Rentuu takes care of delivery and collection, and you can choose a one-hour slot for both.

    It’s the perfect arrangement. You get to workout thanks to the awesome fitness equipment you hired from Rentuu by morning, while exploring the beautiful capital by day. We’ll let you fill in the blanks on what it is you’ll be up to by night.

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