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We're Sponsoring Confex 2019!

Posted by Andrea Guzzoni on

Confex is a place where: 

1. Those within the industry congregate, discuss new developments and big ideas, generally having a good time 

2. Companies decorate stands with their brand, give away prizes and build new connections, generally having a good time 

3. And the thought-leaders of events endow us with their most whimsical musings, those in audience generally having a good time. 

It’s a great event. And for those within events, it’s a must. This year will be Rentuu’s first time there, and what a first time it will be: we’re one of the main sponsors. As a brand, expect to see us everywhere. As individuals, we have two stands; come and talk with us, we’d love to have a chat! 

The last year has been huge for Rentuu. We’ve developed handsomely as a brand and have stepped into exactly what we want to be doing. Such is why we’re so excited for Confex, we’re excited for two things most!  

Present What We Want To Do

With the power of technology and the means of automation, we want to ease the process of hiring, better connecting the events industry. The positive of this? Well, it’s easier, for one. And easier is good. But, more than that: it gives you price and quality comparison, so you know you are always getting the best deal possible. 

We’re very excited to bring these developments to the industry, especially so considering it benefits everyone. The supplier and the consumer; we simply connect them better. So, naturally, we want to talk to more people about this.

Meet Those Developing The Industry

Although we are invested in this industry, we are new to it. That’s unavoidable, especially considering when you have companies that have served it for decades. So we want to meet more people and we’re excited to do that. We want to meet you, and your boss, and your friends boss, too. We want to meet everyone!

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