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What's New at Rentuu: See Our Product Updates

Posted by Andrea Guzzoni on


Here at Rentuu, some of our most exhilarating moments happen when we take new products and features for a test drive. Sure, upgrading our UX experience and tweaking the Business Hub to perfection might not sound overly exciting but hey, the devil’s in the details. And really, ‘all those boring little deets’ are at the crux of what we’re trying to do here - which is to deliver you, dear event planners, a seamless, easy, and all-round joyful life.

So, if you want to lift the avalanche of burden off your shoulders, pay attention: we’ve added some super neat features to our Business Hub – all designed with helping the overworked event professional in mind!

1. Direct contact with suppliers – to be offered the very best products and deals

Say you need to hire 500 chairs for a wedding you’re throwing in a couple of months’ time. The client requests a very specific type of chair to go with the country-chic, rustic theme of the bash. You find the chairs you need, but they’re way out of your budget. Or, maybe you find the chairs you need, but they’re not weatherproof. OR, you can’t find what your client is after, and need alternatives, pronto. Whatever the nuances of your event equipment hire dilemma, Rentuu’s Business Hub feature solves it by giving you access to thousands of qualified, vetted supplies – and you’ll be able to get in direct contact with all of them. So, if you find yourself stuck searching for specific products, suppliers can give you alternative suggestions for furniture or equipment you might not have thought to use.

2. Access to supplier ratings – to ensure you’re only dealing with the best of the best

As an event planner, you’re like to already work with a set range of suppliers who you trust and are comfortable with. But what happens if you need to branch out and hire something you’ve not had any prior experience with? Or, perhaps, you’re throwing an event in a city that’s out of your comfort zone and area of expertise – what then? Well, that’s exactly when our supplier rating system comes into handy: you’ll be able to browse and, subsequently, work with new suppliers based on their area of expertise and rating. The rating system also ensures that all of the suppliers on our platform are on top of their game.

So, there you have it: two very compelling reasons you should be psyched to try out Rentuu Business Hub. Whoever said product updates couldn’t be exciting?!

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