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Rental agreement


RENTUU.COM OBLIGATIONS (Rentuu LTD) will create and activate a profile on its website to promote the Lessor’s products to’s users. cannot guarantee any increase of the Lessor’s business.
As agreed, will provide the collected information about the users and payment details to Lessor.The Lessor commits not to share any information, neither of this contract nor confidential information about to third parties without explicit approval from and the Lessor intend to lead a healthy business relationship. will communicate in advance in writing any changes to The way we work together. These changes shall be deemed accepted if the Lessor doesn’t give notice of its disagreement to in writing within 10 working days.


The Lessor agrees to provide with correct and up to date information regarding the products and services offered. The Lessor agrees to inform about any changes to the products as soon as reasonably possible.The Lessor will endeavor to maintain up to date products prices and availability through the extranet, once it will available. The prices and policies given to by the Lessor will be the total charged to the users. No additional charges will be applied, including but not limited to taxes, fees and levies. If any extra fees, taxes or levies will occur, then they will be accounted to the Lessor.
The Lessor will be given the opportunity to confirm or decline each reservation within 6 hours from the confirmation email sent by Once the Lessor has confirmed a reservation, the Lessor is obliged to provide the agreed combination product type, policies, price and delivery-collection services. If exceptionally for any reason the Lessor will be unable to fulfill the reservation, the Lessor must find suitable replacement product of equal or better standard at the Lessor’s costs and provide shipping, in order not to alterate the user’s experience. The Lessor understands that the primary means of communication with will be email. Therefore all provided contact email addresses must be checked regularly.


Content and photos provided by the Lessor remains its property, but the Lessor allows to use them. Content and photos produced by are’s property and shall not be used by the Lessor for any other purposes (including the translations of text and descriptions provided by will not liable for any sort of content, photo and information uploaded by the Lessor. The Lessor shall hold harmless with regard to any damage occurred due to any contents, photos or information uploaded by the Lessor. also holds the rights on users’ ratings and reviews and may choose to make these public. These can not be re-used or copied by the Lessor without’s explicit written consent. has the right to share the inventory given by the Lessor and disclose all information given by the vendor to chosen partners.This mainly targets third party platforms of similar nature.


Commission will be charged on the full price given to by the Lessor as displayed on the website.This price includes all taxes, fees and levies. Once per 15 days will send to the Lessor the payments collected, less commission, for all concluded reservations within the 15 days period. For the first 6 months can pay the Lessor within 2 days since the conclusion of the reservation.


In the case of a reservation cancellation, will retain a proportion of the reservation fee, if applicable, according to the cancellation policy given to by the Lessor. The cancellation fee will be subject to the commission percentage agreed between and the Lessor. The standard cancellation policy is 3 working days before delivery date.
In case of no delivery as for the user’s fault, the Lessor must inform as soon as possible via email It is in the interest of the Lessor to make the delivery and collection happening, is not liable forit.


The Lessor may terminate the relationship with at any time by giving notice to in writing. All pending reservations prior to the reception of the cancellation must be handled with best intentions by the Lessor. The Lessor must immediately set the availability of its products to 0 after the decision to part reserves the right to quit the contract at any time, without reason, which will lead to an immediate end of the contractual relationship.


The Lessor confirms the rights to use and dispose of the products and that the Lessor has all necessary rights to run them in accordance to representations made to The Lessor guarantees it has the rights to promote and market the products and it shall hold harmless from any third parties claim. The person signing this agreement, on behalf of the Lessor, represents and warrants that he/she has all necessary operating permits. The person signing is empowered to enter into an agreement of this nature on behalf of the company (Lessor) and/or that he/she has taken necessary actions of corporate authorization., as a mere intermediary, is not liable for the product or its usage for any reason. is not liable for the quality or other properties of the product. In any case, the Lessor shall hold harmless from any and all claim, responsibility or liability for injuries or damages to the users of the products or to any person who uses the products or third parties. is not liable for any accidents or financial duty arising from the users’ actions.


Rentuu LTD shall reserve the right to assign this agreement, to a related party, together with all benefits and liabilities therein.


Where any dispute arises between either of the parties to this agreement, the parties shall first seek an amicable settlement of such dispute. Where the parties are unable to reach an amicable settlement, reference shall be made to arbitration under the Rules of the London Chamber of Arbitration (the Rules), by a sole arbitrator, appointed in accordance with the Rules.