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Rentuu is an online rental service platform in London to make renting easy.

Hire from a huge range of products inc. appliances, sport equipment, furniture and baby products all at a great price and quality. allows you to find and rent online a huge range of products. You will find only high quality products at great prices. Browse the website to discover an incredible variety of products to hire online in London. You can select among different categories such as Home & Garden, Sports, Furniture, Baby and lots others. Everyone in London can find what they are looking for and rent it online. Have you ever been in a situation when you really need to buy something, but you don't have the money/finances/time/space or any other reason preventing you from buying it? Whether you are a student living in temporary accommodation, a professional working in the city on a set time contract, or a family on a holiday - Rentuu is for you! Rentuu operates across London in Zones 1-3, providing a service for renting anything you could be in need for your house, rented apartment, or even a camp site. Whether it's an air mattress, a vacuum, a barbecue or a stroller - we will have it, and if not, let us know, and we will get it for you next time! You can find out everything about the delivery and returns here. To find out about new products to rent in London subscribe to our newsletter and discover more about To get also more news about our rental online services in London follow our blog.
"Don't save on quality, save on money and space"