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Some people call them Air Bed and other people Inflatable beds.

We call it Air Mattress!

Air Mattresses  are becoming everyday more important in the UK's everyday life and especially in London.

London kids use Air Mattress when they go to the festivals during the summer time, their preferred option is to rent the Air beds, this is a cheap and comfortable option for them.


All the hikers and camping lovers are also increasing the demand of Air Mattress Rental, whenever from London you want to get out from the city for the WE you preferred option is to hire you sleeping pad  instead than buy one. You can find cheap options to buy but trust us you dont want to save to much on quality when you will sleep on the floor;).


But Air Mattress rentals are booming within the City as well, many friends from around the world come visit London and hosting them at home is always a pleasure…not everyone has a spare room and an air mattress can be a quick and confy option.

Many people decide to rent the air bed in these cases to avoid to storage them after.

Nick “ I rented 3 Air Mattresses last WE, some friends came for some days from Australia, on rentuu.com we found good quality and great service. Renting is no much easier, they come and collect the Air Beds when you dont need them anymore. I dont have space to storage, my flati s not that big…you know…London…”

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